Friday, June 17, 2016

Paris Monroe - Just Getting Started!

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Destinee and Paris Monroe - Happy Birthday Destinee!

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@parisqmonroe STOP EVERYTHING. It's my sister's birthday today! I know I'm throwing it way back, but this is one of my favorite moments together. And we've had a lot of them. My heart is beyond broken that I couldn't be with you for the first time in my life ever on your DAY! I never wanted to miss one but life has a way of changing your plans. We've seen that first hand, we've been through so much together that no one will ever know about but we always make it through because when all else fails we still have each other... And honestly everything else in this plastic world is so irreverent to what's really important, FAMILY. I really don't think people could ever understand our relationship. You mean the world to me, you are the ONLY person who will ever understand my every layer, and the same goes for you! You are the one person who I will know from cradle to grave and this time apart is only temporary. We have a whole life time ahead of birthdays and memories to make! My favorite thing about US is how we can make the most prominent memory out of the most simple circumstances. The most special times together are the ones where we're either sitting in a car or laying in bed laughing our asses off about something stupid. I don't know the person I'd be if it weren't for those times. I could never imagine life without you. You are so strong and beautiful Destinee, on the inside and out. Yes you are technically my older sister, but I will protect you until the very end you are my person. Point blank period. @destineemonroe HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABYYYY, GO GET EM G!!!!! TAKE IT HOME!!!! LOL I LOVE YOU

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Destinee Monroe - 6.16.16

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Happy Birthday Destinee!

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Happy birthday, Destinee! Hope it's amazing ♡

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