Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Perfect Day Full!

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Source: CliqueGirlzHeaven & CliqueFix for letting me know :)

Also, to address the rumors that the rude impostor on youtube ( the one i posted about or any others ) being Destinee and Paris..that is completely untrue. The girls know about this site and they do appreciate it. i've received emails from their mother praising this site and i know they would never do something that cruel or immature.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Youtube Imposter Solved!

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Thanks so much to CliqueFix for letting me know that Ariel posted this comment on her page a little earlier.

Since, cliqueegirlzmedia has been deleted. thank you so much everyone who blocked them and everyone who stood up for me and my site. i really appreciate it :)

Perfect Day!

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itscharlotte08 on youtube uploaded the full version of "Perfect Day" which she got from meeting the girls in London. It's the full version, but she cut out parts here and there to be sure no one would steal it from her (which i totally don't blame her haha)

check it out:

Friday, August 21, 2009

Youtube Imposter!

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Just to warn everyone, there is someone on youtube who has a very similar username as mine who is being very rude to not only me, but other fans as well. please do not think this is me, or anyone from this site. if you'd like, feel free to block them because they are trying to steal my username and not being a very friendly person to people. their username is cliqueegirlzmedia, which is the same as mine, but with an extra 'e'.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

N.M.D. Teaser!

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fun fact: one of the girls in NMD was an original member of the G-Girlz with Keana Texeira! small world, right? ;)

check back soon for the official announcement of N.M.D. ( No More Drama )!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

New Poll!

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I felt the need to explain the current poll. Should this site should continue to focus on Destinee, Paris, Sara, and Ariel alone? or once N.M.D. is announce, also update on Ariel and the rest of the girls in the group? Normally i would say i will just focus on the four girls that are/were part of the Clique Girlz, but in this case it will be hard to update about Ariel and not mention N.M.D.. But if the majority is against updating on the group, i will try my hardest to keep you updated just on Ariel and the group itself, rather than the individual members other than Ariel. what do you guys think?

be sure to vote in the poll on the right side of the page and feel free to leave a comment on what you think. i'd love to hear your opinions on what i should do.

N.M.D. Update!

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yes, it is true; the final members of N.M.D. have been chosen. However, until the official announcement is made by Ariel or the groups' management etc., i will not be posting the outcome.

"Alex is doing much better" - Ariel

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thank you so much Bria Monroe! for letting me know about this. Alex, Ariel's littler sister, was in the hospital last night but is doing fine now. here's what Ariel said on her official youtube channel

havemoorefun (2 hours ago)
Hey Guys , Its Ariel,

Alex is doing much better. She was in the Hospital over night and had a couple bags of IV fluids and some Meds that really helped her. Honestly , you would not even know she was sick today, LOL. She is great and just ate some ice cream. Thats my LIL Sis for ya, she bounces right back. Thanks for everyones concern and prayers. Love ya guys and Alex said Thank you : )


havemoorefun (43 minutes ago)
Hey Guys,

My LIL Sis is all better . Thank you so much for all the prayers and messages. You are all so awesome. Thank you for caring so much for me and my family. I am so lucky to have friends like all of you. Thanks again. Love to all . : )


Alex has also stated:

"Long story short, I was at the hospital until 4 in the morning, The doctor's said that It was the worst pain other then having labor, I was moaning so loud ( in pain ) that they had to take me into a different part of the hospital. I ended up having Food Poisoning, Doesn't sound so bad, right? No. It was the worst pain I've ever felt in my life. Don't ever eat raw fish."

i believe the source for Alex's statement is Arielalexismooreforlife


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Sara has a new account on numubu.com , check it out here!

thanks so much Jenn for letting me know!

edit: Sara tweeted about making it to #1 on the Top 20 Artist thanks to all of you!

New Destinee Picture!

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Destinee wearing her LMFAO Party Rock glasses at The Cherrytree House.

thanks so much to the person who sent this to me & CherryTree Records :)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

More Clique Girlz TV Download Links!

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download the episodes 11-18 of Clique Girlz TV and the Introducing The Clique GIrlz video for your ipod right here!
Please do not re-upload these to youtube or anywhere else, these are only for downloading for personal use. please do not abuse this.

  Episode 11: Acting Lessons & At The Record Company
  watch! | download!

  Episode 12: Mixing The Record
  watch! | download!

  Episode 13: New York City Part 1 Welcome To NYC
  watch! | download!

  Episode 14: New York City part 2 Magazine Interviews
  watch! | download!

  Episode 15: New York City part 3 More Interviews & Photo Shoots
  watch! | download!

  Episode 16: Last Day In New York
  watch! | download!

  Episode 17: Konichiwa Japan!
  watch! | download!

  Episode 18: Japanese Photo Shoot #1
  watch! | download!

  Introducing The Clique Girlz
  watch! | download!

*note: i tested these on my ipod, so they should work on most ipod videos. sorry if they do not work on all.

edit: just so you know, it's not illegal to download these videos. itunes users can subscribe to Clique Girlz TV for FREE, so for those who do not use itunes and do not have access to them, you can download them here. it's the same thing.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Clique Girlz TV Download Links!

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download the first ten episodes of Clique Girlz TV for your ipod right here!
Please do not re-upload these to youtube or anywhere else, these are only for downloading for personal use. please do not abuse this.

  Episode 1: Showcase & Photo Shoot
  watch! | download!

  Episode 2: The Tour Bus
  watch! | download!

  Episode 3: About The Album
  watch! | download!

  Episode 4: In The Studio
  watch! | download!

  Episode 5: The Fitting
  watch! | download!

  Episode 6: Rehearsals
  watch! | download!

  Episode 7: Back In The Studio
  watch! | download!

  Episode 8: Fun & Fundraising
  watch! | download!

  Episode 9: Special Presentation
  watch! | download!

  Episode 10: Haircut
  watch! | download!

*note: i tested these on my ipod, so they should work on most ipod videos. sorry if they do not work on all.

edit: i think i'm going to try to get them all up eventually. i'll get a few at a time. so if there's any you want, i'll eventually get them up for download :)

NMD Top Seven Finalists!

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Here's a picture of N.M.D.'s top seven finalists!

From L to R: Alissa Mae, Anastasia, Dakota, Bre, Ariel, Zoe, Aliyah, and Kimi!

Hey friends, I just thought I would give you a little peak my New Pop Group N.M.D.'s (No More Drama) Top Seven Finalist's. These finalists have been chosen from almost 400 Auditions and video submissions. They are all just fantastic! We Love them all, and are very excited to see and hear them when they are launched.

thanks so much robyn!

edit: rumor has it that Ariel will be letting the fans help pick who makes the group and who doesn't, but nothing has been officially announced as of right now. we'll keep you updated on it as we get word. :) thanks again Robyn!

Thursday, August 13, 2009


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Someone in the comments requested a download link for Clique Girlz TV...did you want a specific episode? because i can't get dl links to all 45+ episodes, but if there are any specific ones anyone would like, feel free to request them and i'll get as many as i can. i can also get specific episodes of Ariel's web show as well.

when requesting i just please ask that you include the link to the youtube video you would like.
and please do not request more than three at a time.

thank you.

Icon dump!

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here are some icons i made. please do not post these on other sites, do not claim them as your own, please give credit to Clique Girlz Media if you use them. thank you.

12 Brittany Curran's birthday photo shoot
04 BBP commercial shoot


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Sara Pictures!

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Also, i'm 99% positive the girls were not at the Teen Choice Awards last night. Keana was there and i'm sure she would have posted pictures with them by now, as would the photo agencies.


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