Saturday, November 29, 2008

"All For The Boys"!

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i uploaded another one of my videos from the concert i attended a few weeks ago. it's of their new song "All For The Boys"

please do not steal this video/audio. if it does not get stolen and i don't find it on any other youtubes, i will give a download link for this song. so please do not steal it. thank you.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Download "Get Up & Go" performance!

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  "Get Up And Go" live from the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in ipod format.
  watch | download

Episode 27!

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Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade!

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thanks to jennacarter2003

more pictures!

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sorry for the delay, i just got my computer back!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Reminder: Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

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Don't forget to tune in this Thursday to see The Clique Girlz perform in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade broadcast on NBC. Check your local listings for times in your city!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Tour Pictures!

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my set of pictures from the Cheetah Girls; One World tour are now up. these pictures are from November 18th in Hartford, Connecticut. click the image above for full gallery. please do not steal or claim as your own. give credit if you take/use. thank you.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Episode 26!

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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

They Keep Amazing Me!

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hey everyone! i just got back from the Clique Girlz concert and it was amazing! i am so proud of these three girls. i have literally watched these girls grow up from the days of touring with the Backstreet Boys back in 2005 until now. They keep amazing me everyday.

Pictures will be up soon. I still don't have access to my computer, so it might be a little while for those. but i am currently uploading my videos. So those will be up very shortly.

"Smile" DO NOT STEAL! do not steal video or audio. it belongs to me.

"Incredible" DO NOT STEAL! do not steal video or audio. it belongs to me.

more videos coming soon (:

Monday, November 17, 2008

November 15th: Screaming Fans!

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Wow what a cool morning. We slept in and went to the hotel lobby to get breakfast and when we got off the elevator there were over 20 girls screaming in the lobby!

(Last night we had a had time getting to sleep because fans were screaming and chanting "Clique Girlz" over and over and beeping their horns!). We took pictures and signed posters, they were all so cute!

After breakfast we went to the biggest mall and shopped until 9:00. We were sooooo tired, but we hade so much fun. So many fans were stopping us in the mall for pictures. Soon we're going to the Mall of America and doing a show there. Check for times on our website! Bye guys!


Clique Girlz

November 14th: Friends and Shows in NY!

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Hey guys-
We woke up this morning in Long Island, NY and are so excited to be here! Today we are going to 106.1 WBLI for a performance. After we have to rush to our soundcheck. It is a lot of hard work but we love it.

After the show:
We had such a fun show. After the show we had a meet and greet with myspace winners and Tigerbeat and the gang from Radio Disney came backstage to take pictures with us. We went back to the hotel and our friend Paris came to see us. She is a great actress who we used to do auditions with in NYC. We have not seen her in 4 years but it felt like yesterday! She is so funny and all her friends are our fans. It is so cool! Ttyl, love you guys! Photos coming!


Clique Girlz

November 13th: Show in Newark, NJ

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Helllllo Newark.

We had a great show tonight. The Cheetah Girls thanked us on stage it was so crazy to hear them say our name! We had a fun meet and greet with Myspace winners and friends and showed them our bus! We are heading to New York for a four-day stay and looking forward to Long Island's show! We'll post pictures from it soon!

November 12th: NBC and Philly Cheesesteaks!

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Hey guys,

Clique Girlz here from Philadelphia. We got up extra early this morning to do hair and makeup so we could go and do the NBC 10 show in Philadelphia. We met Chef Duffy and he let us be his taste tester for what he made on the show. It was this crazy squash and wasabi peas and spinach dish. After the show we got all the leftovers and licked the plate clean! We performed "Then I Woke Up" on the air and did a taped version of "You Think" that they will air in Philadelphia after Saturday Night Live. So cool. We went to the mall and finally got our Macy's Day Parade jackets and then went back to the hotel to eat our favorite cheesesteaks from Gino's.

We're heading back to Jersey tomorrow talk to you soon!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

more tour pictures!

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new video!

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sorry for the lack of updates/slow updates lately. i currently don't have use of my computer.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Brag Brag Brag!

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here's a fan video of the girls' new song "Brag Brag Brag" which was written by Paris! thanks jojofan678!

Going to the Cheetah Girls’ One World Tour in Worcester, MA?

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Going to see the Clique Girlz perform in Worcester, MA? You and up to 3 guests can win the chance to meet the Clique Girlz after the show:


1st: Put the Clique Girlz in your top friends on Myspace
2nd: ONLY if you are already a ticketholder, leave a comment on the Clique Girlz Myspace that says "I WANT TO MEET THE CLIQUE GIRLZ IN WORCESTER!" to let them know

The 5 lucky winners will receive a message from them with details about where to meet after the show. Good Luck!

NOTE: Prizing from this contest does NOT include a ticket to the show and only ticket holders are eligible to participate.

November 11th: Show and Bus Naming in Philly

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We got to sleep in two days in a row yay! Sleep, thats what teenagers love to do! lol. We went to the spa and took a quick Jacuzzi and got showered and ready for our performance. We are on our way to WIOQ in Philly, we're going to meet the entire staff and the program director. We are also going to do a performance in they're private theater, its so cool!

...Well we just finished our performance! it was great! we're on our way to our bus and we decided to name our bus. Can you help us name it?! we're thinking something like The Big White Whale what do you think?? Lol we're on our way to the Philadelphia Spectrum for our concert tonight. We are so excited! All of our friends and family are coming to see us, talk to you after the show!!


Clique Girlz

OMG!!! What a great night!! It was so awesome seeing all of our friends and family. We had almost 100 people that came to our meet and greet after the show just to take pictures! We signed so many autographs our hands were throbbing!! Lol Two photographers came to take pictures of our show and meet and greet! They're going to be featured in all the teen magazines! We cant wait for you to see our bunks:) Well I have to go to bed, we have to get up at 5 a.m to do a t.v show in philly called The 10 Show! See you tomorrow!!


Clique Girlz

November 10th: Shopping in Philly

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Hey guys,
We finally got to sleep in today. We were so glad, we're staying at a beautiful hotel in Center City Philadelphia its so awesome here with all the history. This is where Ben Franklin used to live and Betsy Ross. We're going to go see the Liberty Bell, and our parents grew up in Philadelphia so they are so excited for our concert here. We're going to see all of our friends and family. Our bus is parked right in the middle of the Ben Franklin Parkway everybody keeps staring at it its so cool! We can see it from our hotel room window. We are going shopping at one of our favorite malls, the King Of Prussia mall. We are looking for coats for the Thanksgiving Parade. Well its off to the mall! Talk to you guys later!!:)

Clique Girlz

Hey guys,
we just got back from the mall! We had such a good time, and we got beautiful coats to keep us warm. Now we have to find more boots! We went out to dinner with our friends and had so much fun laughing and talking. And we even got dessert to go:) we ate it on the bus on the way back to the hotel. Talk to you tomorrow! Goodnight!


Clique Girlz

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Puyallup Fair, record breaking ticket sales!

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The diverse talent lineup booked by AEG Live at this year's Puyallup Fair and Columbia Bank concert series in Puyallup, WA, from September 5-21, generated the highest revenue ever for the fair. Ticket sales tallied more than $2.1 million in gross revenue.

The 2008 Puyallup Fair featured several sold-out shows, including performances from Kid Rock and Carrie Underwood, as well as packed crowds for Chris Cagle, Fergie, and Michael W. Smith and Steven Curtis Chapman.

Also on the fair's concert bill were The Black Crowes; Sara Evans with Josh Gracin; Varsity Fanclub, Prima J, Jordan Pruitt and Clique Girlz; Ronnie Milsap; Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons; Al Jarreau and The Manhattan Transfer; and Doodlebops Live!
continue reading here.

episode 25!

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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Six 78th Magazine!

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Check out the pictures and get a sneak peak at the Clique Girlz featured in the latest edition of Six7*8th Magazine!

November 8th: Hard Rock and Boardwalk Performance

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It's sooo good to be home. We went to the Hard Rock Café on the Boardwalk at the Trump Taj Mahal. We played ,"You Think", acoustic and also did, "Difference". We signed so many autographs and some friends and family showed up. We were rushed out the back door to make it in time for soundcheck. Then we did a meet and greet with over a 100 people, our hands hurt from signing so much! LOL.

We finally got on stage and we can't even tell you how good it was to say, "What's up Jersey!!!" Our hometown crowd felt so good and you could tell they were so proud of us!
We did a quick interview and we hung out with some family on our bus and took turns giving them a tour of our bunks. We finally left the venue and are hanging out in peace and quiet on our way to Washington D.C.
Thank you Atlantic City we love our home and we will ALWAYS be Jersey Girls!


Clique Girlz

November 7th:Home in Atlantic City!

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Hey guys,

After a great show in Richmond, Virginia we got to head home to Atlantic City. We slept on our bus in our newly decorated bunks and when we woke up we were literally in front of our house. All of our neighbors were freaking out when they saw our big tour bus parked outside and came over to say good morning! We then took the bus to Wawa, our favorite place to go back home and got breakfast sandwiches and tea and caramel cowtails which are our favs.

We got to take a shower in our own bathroom and watch TV in our own house! We hadn't been there for like three months since we shot our music video for Incredible at the Boardwalk in Wildwood. It was sooo nice to be home.

We then hopped back on our bus and went into the Borgata to see our label mates, Lady Gaga and New Kids on the Block. Lady Gaga was soooo amazing live, her costumes, her dancing, her dancers (cute!!). We hung out backstage in her dressing room and even filmed a flipphone with her.

We got to meet New Kids on the Block. They were sooo nice to us and they have a song called, "Click, Click, Click," they said they wrote it for us but we knew they were just kidding! We also watched Natasha Beddingfield she was amazing.
Finally we made it to bed here and will play on the Boardwalk tomorrow we can't wait!


Clique Girlz

Monday, November 10, 2008

Newark, NJ, wanna meet the Clique Girlz?!

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Going to see the Clique Girlz perform in Newark, NJ? You and up to 3 guests can win the chance to meet the Clique Girlz after the show:


1st: Put the Clique Girlz in your top friends on Myspace
2nd: ONLY if you are already a ticketholder, leave a comment on the Clique Girlz Myspace that says "I WANT TO MEET THE CLIQUE GIRLZ IN NEWARK!" to let them know

The 5 lucky winners will receive a message from the girls with details about where to meet after the show.
Good Luck!

NOTE: Prizing from this contest does NOT include a ticket to the show and only ticket holders are eligible to participate.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Clique Girlz bring it home!

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At the unusual start time of 4 p.m., the lights went down inside the arena, an announcement came over the loudspeakers that the youngest international recording artists signed to Interscope Records - the Clique Girlz: Destinee Monroe, 14, her sister Paris Monroe, 12, and their best friend, Ariel Moore, 14 - returned to their home state from California for this performance.
read more here.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

More Free Shows!

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Saint Louis, MO
United States Hard Rock Cafe St. Louis
December 7th

450 St. Louis Union Station 63103
Free lunchtime acoustic performance & autograph signing for fans!

Bloomington, MN Mall of America - West Market Square
Decemeber 11th

60 East Broadway 55425
Acoustic Performance & Autograph signing for fans

San Francisco, CA
United States Hard Rock Cafe San Francisco
December 17th

Pier 39 Bldg. Q-1 94133
Free lunchtime acoustic performance & autograph signing for fans!

San Diego, CA
United States Hard Rock Cafe San Diego
December 21st

801 4th Ave. 92101
Free lunchtime acoustic performance & autograph signing for fans!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Our Day in Baltimore!

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Clique Girlz Tour Blog November 5th:

Hey guys!
It's us, we're getting ready to go to bed but we wanted to update you on our day! We took a long drive to Baltimore from Greensboro which was about 6 hours. Then we went straight to soundcheck (The arena is HUGE). We went to lunch and our friends who we're also on the tour with us (535) told us they had to leave the tour to record some songs. They've become like family to us, so it was really hard to say goodbye but we are very happy for them. We finished the show and it went great! Anyway we just wanted to let you know that we're in Baltimore and also we are working on lots of "home made" videos for our youtube account CliqueGirlzOfficial which also broadcasts Clique Girlz TV. Oh, and today we had a meet & greet with some fans who won backstage passes from entering a contest on our myspace! We met these 3 girls who made the first ever Clique Girlz fansite! It's super cool you should check it out Make sure you are our friend too on Myspace and enter to win to meet us!

Talk to you from Richmond next!!!!

Clique Girlz

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Free show in New Jersey!

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The Clique Girlz are returning to their hometown, Atlantic City, NJ for a free performance and signing at the Hard Rock Cafe!

Be first in line at Noon on 11/8 to see them perform and stay for a signing after!

More details:
Artist: Clique Girlz
Date: Saturday, November 8th
Time: Noon
Location: Hard Rock Café
Trump Taj Mahal
1000 Boardwalk Virginia Avenue
Atlantic City, NJ 08401

Seeing the CG in DC?

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Going to see the Clique Girlz perform in Washington, DC? You and up to 3 guests can win the chance to meet the Clique Girlz after the show:

1st: Put the Clique Girlz in your top friends on Myspace
2nd: Leave a comment on the Clique Girlz Myspace that says "I WANT TO MEET THE GIRLZ IN DC!" to let us know

The 5 lucky winners will receive a message from the girls with details about where to meet after the show.
Good Luck!

NOTE: Prizing from this contest does not include a ticket to the show and ONLY ticket holders are eligible to participate.

Stay tuned to cliquegirlz. com for more meet and greet contests during the Cheetah Girls One World Tour!

episode 24!

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Bop & Tiger Beat has tickets!

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OMG! Clique Girlz are opening for The Cheetah Girls in concert! Here’s your chance for you and a friend to see all of them perform live! We’re giving away a pair of tickets for you guys to win at each of these shows… PLUS, 2 cities will have more than one pair of tickets to win! We’ve got 2 pairs for Hartford, CT and 4 pairs for Kansas City! Check the tour dates below and find out when they’re coming to a city near you! What are you waiting for?! Enter NOW!

11/9, Washington, DC
11/13, Newark, NJ
11/14, Uniondale, NY
11/17, Worcester, MA
11/18, Hartford, CT (FOUR tix)
12/9, Kansas City, MO (EIGHT tix)
12/20 Anaheim, CA

What do YOU think of Clique Girlz and The Cheetah Girls? Tell us! Write your comment below!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

new blogs!

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new blogs from the girls!

Clique Girlz Tour Blog November 3rd: Day Off in Greensboro

Hey guys!!!!
We are just going to breakfast at 10 am. That is sleeping in to us. After we workout and do our school work we are going shopping. We are so excited to finally decorate our bunks. We are going to decorate for Christmas too.

We know it is a little early but we don't know when we will get time again. ttyl after school........

Clique Girlz Tour Blog November 2nd: Show @ Greensboro Colliseum

Hey guys!

We just arrived back in Greensboro! This was the longest night of our lives......we had to change planes 3 times in the middle of the night. We are so tired. We get to go take a nap for an hour before we leave for soundcheck for our Greensboro show at the Greensboro Coliseum! We will talk to you after soundcheck! Bye!

After SoundCheck- Hey! just finished sound check. We played around with some songs we haven't done in a while. We wish we could do all our songs for you but there are just tooooooo many. We have over 90 songs that we have recorded. We love them all.

Just finished our show in Greensboro. The people are so nice and friendly here. We had such a great time. They can really scream loud!!!!! We are on our way back to the hotel to sleep in tomorrow. We are soooooo happy. we finally get a day off to sleep in. We have to do our school work tomorrow and then we are going shopping. Our favorite thing to do!!!!!!!!!! yeah!!!!!!!!!! good nite xoxoxoxcxoxo

Clique Girlz Tour Blog November 1st: Girl Fest in Portland, Oregon

Hey guys!
It's the Clique Girlz again!!!! We are here in Portland, Oregon to perform at the Girl Fest presented by Girl Scouts and Radio Disney! We are so excited. Yesterday (Halloween) we flew here early in the morning and went to Z100 Portland and met some fans and sang a couple songs for them, we had pizza and cookies :) Yummmm! After that, we headed over to Radio Disney Portland so we could record an interview and sing some songs. Then we went to the Portland Expo Center to do our soundcheck for the Girl Fest today! It went great! So that was pretty much our day yesterday, and we didn't get to go trick or treating... If we did we would of dressed up as Charlie's Angels (like you voted on our myspace poll), But unfortunately we're just so busy right now, but we have MANY Halloweens ahead of us! We will be blogging on upcoming holidays though (Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years Day, Valentines Day, St. Patrick's Day, and our Birthdays) I might have left out some, but I'm not sure! LOL! So, we are getting ready to leave for the Girl Fest, so we will talk to you after! :) WE LOVE YOU GUYS! The Clique Girlz, Destinee, Paris and Ariel xoxoxxoxoxo

After the Girl Fest- We just finished up the Girl Fest! We had a lot of fun! We did a meet and greet twice! We signed thousands of autographs for our fans. It was sooooo much fun. We took soooo many pictures, send them in to us so we can see them guys!!!!!! One before the show and one after! We performed 8 songs including Smile which is now on iTunes for 99 Cents! Plus if you buy the Smile EP you get another song and 2 NEW music videos for free! 2 songs and 2 videos for only 99 cents! I feel like one of those loud sales person on TV! LOL! Well, we have to leave because we have to catch a flight to Greensboro, North Carolina to hop back on the Cheetah Girls One World Tour! You guys rock ttyl-

Clique Girlz Tour Blog October 30th: Day in Duluth, GA

Unfortunately we didn't get to go to the spa this time but we got to sleep in which was amazing for me cause you know I love to sleep. So we decided to treat ourselves since we didn't get a massage we got an awesome breakfast from room service and we got to sit and relax in our suite which we haven't done in a long time. After we finished our breakfast we got all done up like usual and went to a cool radio station called WWWQ Radio to have an interview and to perform "You Think" acoustic which was fun. We finished that, then they had a big wall of fame that every performer who came to the radio station signed and we had a chance to sign that and that was very cool!

After that, we had to go to the Gwinnett Center to do a soundcheck for our concert that we do with The Cheetah Girls, which is so much fun because the fans are SO amazing!! Our soundcheck is just a few songs so that we can get our choreography and levels right so that its comfortable for us, and that it sounds good in the arena. Of course afterward we go to catering to eat dinner, get ready for the show, have fun on stage for everyone and head back to our hotel. Tomorrow we leave for Portland, Oregon to perform at the Girl Fest for Radio Disney! Talk to you tomorrow!

Clique Girlz Tour Blog October 29th: Shopping in Atlanta

After getting a bit of sleep we headed across the street to the big Lenox Mall and got some time shopping around and looking at the cute winter clothes!

We ended the night with going to the movie theater to see "Eagle Eye" with friends. Such a good day! Can't wait to play for Atlanta tomorrow!

Music Choice!

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Music Choice added the "Incredible" music video to their lineup this week!

sorry for the lack of updates lately, i went away to see a Backstreet Boys concert and got kind of busy. updates will be on time from now on.

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade!

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Young girls everywhere can now for the very first time become the princess they've always dreamed of being with the official launch of My Princess Academy, a royal interactive online destination ( and magical brand of quality princess dress-up clothing, accessories and home decor. To celebrate its launch, My Princess Academy will participate in the 2008 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade with an enchanted castle float featuring Interscope Records tween pop group, The Clique Girlz. The magical princess brand also announced a nationwide sweepstakes where young girls can win an enchanted princess weekend prize featuring VIP tickets to the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.
read more here.


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