Friday, July 4, 2008

just got back from six flags new england!

at 1:15 AM
hello everyone (: i just got back from seeing the Clique Girlz live at Six Flags. they were amazing! they preformed so well; i'm so proud of them. the only bad thing was it POURED from the time i got there until 45 minutes after the show was supposed to start. so they had to postpone the show for 45 minutes. once the girls finally took the stage, it was fine for awhile, but then it started pouring again half way through. but regardless, they still did amazing! anyway, i uploaded three videos from the show.

a clip of "The Difference"

the girls singing "Happy Birthday" accapella to Victoria

and the full song of "Thank You"!

enjoy! but please do not steal; they belong to me. thank you.

i uploaded my pictures here: ( cick the thumbnail to see the full album )



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