Thursday, April 30, 2009

Down to two!

at 8:36 PM
from Just-Jared

The Clique Girlz are going back to their original plans and making themselves a duo!

JJJ can exclusively report that sisters Paris Monroe and Destinee Monroe have parted ways with newest member Sara Diamond.

Before Sara joined the duo in February, Ariel Moore performed with the singing sisters since the group formed. Ariel left the group in January 2009 for personal reasons.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of the Clique Girlz becoming a duo?


Anonymous said... they once said in a song ... I DONT THINK SO! but seriously no no the clique girlz are the clique girlz because they are meant to be a trio yu dont see that much and it gives them such a pleasent stage presence and witht he three part harmony Low Middle High it works out awsome! but ... one of those factors gone theyll be so plain three girlz made the group a group and i think almost everyone can agree...if not idc and besides no third member i will be dissapointed i mean i might not even stay a fan i hope Sara releases solo album i mean she wasnt as bad as everyone said its only because you people were mad she took ariels slot (not such a great idea) but still three completes the girlz ad idk i wanna hear them at their best in three part harmony ... idk if i wanna stick around for their "duo"

My Blog:) on May 2, 2009 at 9:05 AM said...

Why Did Sara leave??????????:(

Anonymous said...

probably for the same reason Arielle did - Paris & Destinee's mother (there manager). they say shes a witch.

Anonymous said...

i am glad sara quit they suck with out ariel they cant do any better than ariel GOOOOO AREIL

Anonymous said...

My Dad was friends with the Monroe family and we met their mother who is their manager. she's a witch and she's ugly!!


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