Tuesday, December 8, 2009

N.M.D. 's First Show Pictures!

at 4:51 PM
P2E added 125 new pictures from N.M.D.'s first concert! click the picture to see them all

you'll have to go to their myspace to see them guys..

due to copyright issues, i am not allowed to post the pictures from P2E on my site. and to the other webmasters that usually steal from my site (so i know you're seeing this) just a warning to you guys too. you can and will get in trouble for posting those pictures if they find them on your sites too.

source: P2E


Anonymous said...

awesome! i went! i couldnt get pics :[
i was first row though and i got vids.
I talked to Kimi's mom too. she remembered me from last time! so does Ariel's mom.

Anonymous said...

To Clique Girlz Media Poster:

Please ensure that all P2E photos posted on this site or any other site are APPROVED FIRST by NMD management, Louie Moore. Otherwise, please remove until then.

Thank you,
P2E Team

Anonymous said...

can you please post a link to their myspace? I'm dying to see them! Thanks

cliquegirlzmedia on December 9, 2009 at 10:05 PM said...

^ http://www.myspace.com/p2eofficial

Sammy said...

I think its great for them to be so excited but we want to see video and hear them. I think Kimi is really pretty.

Anonymous said...

I love that band already! so excited (: they look amazing!

Anonymous said...

I found a video of their first performance! The quality is bad though :/ But it's better than nothing right ?



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