Saturday, April 3, 2010

Incredible CD on Amazon!

at 5:45 PM

You can purchase an Import of the girls' CD Incredible from Remember, though, that they would be importing it from Japan, so it does cost more than a normal CD.

thanks for letting me know, Lauren!


Anonymous said...

I knew this, and I don't know why but I keep forgetting to buy it!
So, thanks for the memo! :)

Anonymous said...

I wont buy it. Thats just me. Why? Because Ariel doesnt even get anything..she gets no money from any of it just the other ones that are left. Thats the price Ariel paid to get out of the band but dude she had to give up all her royalties but yeah...I wont buy it if Ariel doesnt get anything for her hard work. Its not fair to her no matter what :(

Anonymous said...

Oh man I dont think a lot of ppl know that either I love Ariel & thats sad


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