Monday, August 16, 2010

Facebook Rumors.

at 7:57 PM
I guess there are some rumors going around about Official Facebook accounts for Destinee and Paris. Apparently some people are saying that they are their "private" accounts but if found by fans they will add them. I can assure you, they DO NOT have Official Facebooks. And even if they did have Facebooks, they WILL NOT add fans. So if you have a Destinee and/or Paris added on Facebook, it is a fake. The only Official Facebook for the girls is this account . This is their Official Fan page on Facebook. The girls confirmed this on Saturday during their livestream. There's no way around that, the girls were on camera, directing saying that they DO NOT have facebooks. Whoever is saying that they were lying about not having Facebooks should be ashamed. You are tarnishing their image with this false information and I won't stand for it. I can also tell you that there is no such thing as a "Verified Facebook" account. Unlike Twitter, you will not see the checkmark and "Verified Account" next to their name. If you see this, it's an HTML code that the person put in as part of their name. So don't believe any Facebook account that claims to be verified.

There are a lot of people on the Internet that try to trick naive people into one thing or another, and you need to remember how to stay safe when on the Internet. You cannot believe everything you see or hear. Please be smart about these things so that you don't get hurt in the end. And remember, posers not only hurt the people who are tricked by them, but also the person you are posing as. So don't do it. And starting rumors like "Oh they're lying" is slander. So don't do it.


Catalina said...

oh thanx for telling us we should be more thankful to you.
when i want all news and updates pix .. ect about those girls i don't take any trouble and worry about serch around internet, i just click cliquegirlzmedia and found what i staring on it!

Kristen Thank You!

Nicole said...

Kristen, thanks so much for posting this! I keep trying to tell Clique Girlz Updates that those facebooks are fake but she won't believe me so I gave her the link to this post. I also gave it to multiple people who won't believe me when I tell them that those facebook pages are fake. I already reported them for identity theft and I hope they get deleted. Thanks again Kristen! You rock!! :D

cliquegirlzmedia on August 16, 2010 at 11:21 PM said...

^ Aw you're very welcome (: Yeah there are far too many posers of them on fb, it's ridiculous. And thanks for spreading the word!

Eva said...

I know this may not be published but i just wanna say that whether they have facebooks or not people shouldnt care its their personal life of course they could have facebooks because they are just ordinary girls and another thing is they shouldnt care about people finding out their facebooks and talking about it cause its no big deal its just facebook they should concentrate on their career because since they are international yet they still have time to look at fansites and what others are saying about them but other celebs dont really have the time i think they should keep o n rockin on and forget about this whole facebook matter and just not talk about it thats my opinion (: thanks for putting this post kristen, awesome site!

romanie said...

and why do people care if they have facebook they do and its not a big deal they live in california and their family is in new jersey they just wanna keep in touch and you shouldnt report them cause if it is the real them, i bet its annoying to them when you get their facebooks deleted everytime you may not post this comment but i think the fans should leave their personal lifes alone and concentrate on their music,thank you! great site btw!

cliquelover said...

i dont think they were lying ,they just wanna be left alone ,leave them and their facebooks ,their whole private life alone people jeez!


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