Sunday, September 5, 2010

"Bye Bye" - Camille Abordo Music Video!

at 3:49 PM
Some of you have already seen this before it was taken down due to her making the band, but Camille has re-uploaded it and now you can see it again (:


Anonymous said...

Now Alissa then Camille then what ?
aliyah and kimi!! noo nooooo and ariel back solo

what ever happen i will still loved them

Anonymous said...

I love this song :) I can't believe that when they sang it in NMD she didn't get ONE solo and she wrote the whole song!! Oh well, I'm glad she left. I love her as a solo artist :)

Anonymous said...

^oh boohoo, the ONE song she didnt have a solo in! it just shows how sweet she was to share her song like that, she obviously didnt complain. she has an amazing voice i wish her the best! i love A&D&P!

Anonymous said...

Um no. She said in her formspring that the was confused how she WROTE the song and in NMD she didn't even get a verse.

Shelby on September 6, 2010 at 6:02 PM said...

I think the video is a stunning way to show her talents. I personally like her hair longer and darker like in the video compared to how it was styled in NMD. But I hope she adds some songs or an album to iTunes so everyone can own her songs AND so she will be funded. Wish her all the best!!! <3

Anonymous said...

I think Camille is better solo too! She is a great writer and her new song is so cool! We still love you Camille! Even if you left NMD! :)


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