Saturday, April 2, 2011

Ariel Fights For A Cure For PD!

at 12:30 AM

As you may or may not know, Ariel's father has Parkinson’s Disease so this is something very close to Ariel and her family's hearts. Please do what you can to help. Ariel posted on her twitter:
If you want to be a part of the army to fight PD FOLLOW @MichaelJFoxOrg & join in to fight for the cure & raise awareness. Im in. Are you?

My father Louis & I thank you. Just follow @MichaelJFoxOrg & follow the link on 1 of the Tweets & post it on your FB page. I'm in, Are you?

Hi Friends,

A lot of you already know my father suffers from "Parkinson's" , also known as "PD" which is a degenerative disease and is thought to be an illness that does not have a cure. I have joined the PD Army in the fight for the cure and to raise awareness for this terrible disease. My father has been good at everything is whole life. He worked and lead a pretty normal life until he was diagnosed about 5 years ago. Just with in the last couple years its progressed to a point where my father is on lots of medicine and has to fight to stay still. This illness steals who you are and takes away your freedom to live a normal life. YES, you have to learn to live with it and take extra steps to maintain a healthy life style but try telling that to Parkinson's, it never wants to listen. It is disturbing to watch someone with it because of the uncontrollable muscle movements especially when that person is your father. The guy who can take on the world, and save you from all the scary thing's that life can throw at you. He has taken care of my family and I for so many years and now its our turn to help take care of him. Please join in the fight for PD and lets destroy this disease that is trying to destroy my father and so many others like Michael J Fox. I'm in. Are you?

@MichaelJFoxOrg Are YOU in the fight against PD? Like us on FB ( and share your story (

Please follow on Twitter and post this on your Facebook.

Ariel Moore

Read an interview with Dr Todd Sherer, Michael J Fox Foundation | Biotech Strategy Blog

You can "like" them on facebook or share your story here.


Sara said...

Oh my gosh i just read her story about her dad and that is so sad. Im still in. Are you?

Anonymous said...

I love you Ariel, IM IN!

Anonymous said...

That is sad for her dad but I'm so proud of her for getting involved with something that really matters. I know she will be able to make a difference. Im in Ariel. LETS ALL GET INVOLVED AND HELP! The funny thing is I just watched all the Back to the future movies the other day with Michael J Fox, weird.

Anonymous said...

Ariel started the trend on twitter #PDARMYIMINAREYOU and all the Parkinson's sites are now using it and that is so cool. GREAT JOB ARIEL! That just go's to show you one person can make a difference. Im gong to start one for Ariel called #MADRESPECT or something like that haha

Anonymous said...

Im so proud of you Ariel. Your an angel and I hope your father gets well.

Anonymous said...

omg :( that is very hard for their family. Ariel Im sorry your going through that. I will pray for you and that the people that show you love will be blessed and for those who try to hurt your family...well that they will be blessed with what they try to give out! Its just the way God works. I will pass the word about that site too we love you dont be sad

Anonymous said...

The MJF foundation info is on Ariel's page on Twitter. Girlfriend is fighting for a cause alright. There is some event in May in NYC she will be attending for PD. Its called something like Dancing for Parkinson's.

Anonymous said...

Im in :))

Anonymous said...

Dude she just posted a public service thing on youtube it made me cry she rocks

Anonymous said...

Ariel rocks

Anonymous said...

im in :)))

Anonymous said...

you go ahead girl and fight for what you believe in! we are with you


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