Friday, May 13, 2011

Beautiful New Ariel Pictures!

at 2:23 PM

As you can see, Blogger is back up now after being down for 20+ hours yesterday and this morning. This is why I am late posting this from yesterday. I am aware that the previous two posts are missing. They are in the process of being restored and will hopefully be back within a few hours. Everything else should be back to normal now.


Sara said...

she looks like marilyn monroe. very beautiful.

Liz said...

Did you see her icon on twitter? She looks just like Marilyn in that one too. I love her new look.

Anonymous said...

She looks iconic, classic and beautiful. Anyone who sees anything else is looking for it and they need to stop the hating and judging. I read the last comment just now on your formspring and that person is misguided and trying to start DRAMA! Everyone is entitled to their opinion and I respect that but to say anything about sex when she is not showing any of her body at all is just silly. She did a 1950's photo shoot and I dig it and think she should keep the look and even bring some of the music back from that era. She has the perfect voice for it.

Anonymous said...

She Change and get better and prettier .. ?
Can't wait her music!! its gonna be so exited ..

Anonymous said...

I personally love them! very classic style and shes gorgeous


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