Thursday, September 22, 2011

Destinee and Paris - Femme Fatale St. Petersburg, Russia!

at 5:19 PM

Rolling In The Deep/Crazy Medley

Dance Medley

True Love

Fly Away

Thanks so much ImSamIL for the videos, and _darkmonsoon for the picture!

Plus one picture from rehearsals

Don't forget, if you have any pictures or videos or anything from the tour ( either from the concert, meet and greets, candids, anything! ) please send them to me at You will be credited for anything you donate (: Thanks so much!


Meredith said...

You can tell that they are improving their preforming skills.
Not even gonna lie tears were brought to my eyes because they are starting to look like real superstars!

Anonymous said...

They're SOOOO unbelievably talented! They keep getting better, and I didn't think that was even possible. And their outfits are ADORABLE!!

Anonymous said...

I didnt care for there performance. Voices were all over the place and the moves werent that great. Theyve got work to do for me. But I mean hey...they can work on it which is good and I really hope they do. Its just my honest opinion about it all not hatin on anybody

cliquegirlzmedia on October 1, 2011 at 8:18 PM said...

^ you can tell their voices aren't at their strongest. It sounds like they may have colds or have been sick or something. Their first performances are flawless though, so it's not that they have work to do. It's just the exhaustion of the tour is probably catching up with them as well as temperature changes that can make you sick.


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