Friday, April 5, 2013

Destinee and Paris - "I Used To Have An Eating Disorder" - Paris!

at 5:27 PM
@monroegirl: At first I was too embarrassed to share this... but the more I think about it, it's not embarrassing. It's empowering. I have achieved so much in the past year. People probably think because I live in LA that I have an eating disorder or that I'm too thin, or that because I'm so "Hollywood" that I have the availability to magical trainers or that I just don't eat period. The truth is, is that I used to have an eating disorder, 25 pounds heavier and so unhappy! You can say that I looked at a "healthy" weight but that's just not true. I was so out of shape and even had a diabetes scare once and just had the worst relationship with food. I would honestly just gorge myself with the typical American bad eating... It's not healthy. I feel comfortable and confident in my weight now and it's really not even about weight it's about being lean, toned, and in shape, and actually being able to run up stairs and not being out of breath just from walking up a flight. I am so happy. Happier than I've ever been and I'm not posting this to brag, I'm posting this to reveal the truth about weight and being "healthy" and trying to empower people to make wise choices and change their lifestyle. Yes I love sugar and treats! Who doesn't? But now I've learned to not revolve my whole life around it, and actually be able to treat myself and not feel guilty about it because I KNOW that I earned it and worked hard for it. Eat Clean, Get Moving, and stop the excuses. I had every excuse in the book. I'm not saying I was fat before... I'm saying that I was uncomfortable for my petite frame and wanted to feel & look my best. Ever since my transformation I feel so confident trying on ANYTHING when I shop. It feels incredible and I've probably added years to my life. This isn't about being vein it's about treating your body with respect and honoring what God gave you, you only get 1 body. Treat it right and it will thank you ;) thanks for reading loversss! I feel so free.



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