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new blogs!

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new blogs from the girls!

Clique Girlz Tour Blog November 3rd: Day Off in Greensboro

Hey guys!!!!
We are just going to breakfast at 10 am. That is sleeping in to us. After we workout and do our school work we are going shopping. We are so excited to finally decorate our bunks. We are going to decorate for Christmas too.

We know it is a little early but we don't know when we will get time again. ttyl after school........

Clique Girlz Tour Blog November 2nd: Show @ Greensboro Colliseum

Hey guys!

We just arrived back in Greensboro! This was the longest night of our lives......we had to change planes 3 times in the middle of the night. We are so tired. We get to go take a nap for an hour before we leave for soundcheck for our Greensboro show at the Greensboro Coliseum! We will talk to you after soundcheck! Bye!

After SoundCheck- Hey! just finished sound check. We played around with some songs we haven't done in a while. We wish we could do all our songs for you but there are just tooooooo many. We have over 90 songs that we have recorded. We love them all.

Just finished our show in Greensboro. The people are so nice and friendly here. We had such a great time. They can really scream loud!!!!! We are on our way back to the hotel to sleep in tomorrow. We are soooooo happy. we finally get a day off to sleep in. We have to do our school work tomorrow and then we are going shopping. Our favorite thing to do!!!!!!!!!! yeah!!!!!!!!!! good nite xoxoxoxcxoxo

Clique Girlz Tour Blog November 1st: Girl Fest in Portland, Oregon

Hey guys!
It's the Clique Girlz again!!!! We are here in Portland, Oregon to perform at the Girl Fest presented by Girl Scouts and Radio Disney! We are so excited. Yesterday (Halloween) we flew here early in the morning and went to Z100 Portland and met some fans and sang a couple songs for them, we had pizza and cookies :) Yummmm! After that, we headed over to Radio Disney Portland so we could record an interview and sing some songs. Then we went to the Portland Expo Center to do our soundcheck for the Girl Fest today! It went great! So that was pretty much our day yesterday, and we didn't get to go trick or treating... If we did we would of dressed up as Charlie's Angels (like you voted on our myspace poll), But unfortunately we're just so busy right now, but we have MANY Halloweens ahead of us! We will be blogging on upcoming holidays though (Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years Day, Valentines Day, St. Patrick's Day, and our Birthdays) I might have left out some, but I'm not sure! LOL! So, we are getting ready to leave for the Girl Fest, so we will talk to you after! :) WE LOVE YOU GUYS! The Clique Girlz, Destinee, Paris and Ariel xoxoxxoxoxo

After the Girl Fest- We just finished up the Girl Fest! We had a lot of fun! We did a meet and greet twice! We signed thousands of autographs for our fans. It was sooooo much fun. We took soooo many pictures, send them in to us so we can see them guys!!!!!! One before the show and one after! We performed 8 songs including Smile which is now on iTunes for 99 Cents! Plus if you buy the Smile EP you get another song and 2 NEW music videos for free! 2 songs and 2 videos for only 99 cents! I feel like one of those loud sales person on TV! LOL! Well, we have to leave because we have to catch a flight to Greensboro, North Carolina to hop back on the Cheetah Girls One World Tour! You guys rock ttyl-

Clique Girlz Tour Blog October 30th: Day in Duluth, GA

Unfortunately we didn't get to go to the spa this time but we got to sleep in which was amazing for me cause you know I love to sleep. So we decided to treat ourselves since we didn't get a massage we got an awesome breakfast from room service and we got to sit and relax in our suite which we haven't done in a long time. After we finished our breakfast we got all done up like usual and went to a cool radio station called WWWQ Radio to have an interview and to perform "You Think" acoustic which was fun. We finished that, then they had a big wall of fame that every performer who came to the radio station signed and we had a chance to sign that and that was very cool!

After that, we had to go to the Gwinnett Center to do a soundcheck for our concert that we do with The Cheetah Girls, which is so much fun because the fans are SO amazing!! Our soundcheck is just a few songs so that we can get our choreography and levels right so that its comfortable for us, and that it sounds good in the arena. Of course afterward we go to catering to eat dinner, get ready for the show, have fun on stage for everyone and head back to our hotel. Tomorrow we leave for Portland, Oregon to perform at the Girl Fest for Radio Disney! Talk to you tomorrow!

Clique Girlz Tour Blog October 29th: Shopping in Atlanta

After getting a bit of sleep we headed across the street to the big Lenox Mall and got some time shopping around and looking at the cute winter clothes!

We ended the night with going to the movie theater to see "Eagle Eye" with friends. Such a good day! Can't wait to play for Atlanta tomorrow!


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these girlz rox


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