Monday, March 30, 2009

7 More Minutes episode 2!

at 4:27 PM


Anonymous said...

It is so good to see ariel happy again. Listen to her laughing,she is a crack up.DANG they can dance.

Anonymous said...

Ariel is no longer in the Clique Girlz....why do you keep trying to push her on everyone? Please stop putting Ariel on this site. She does not want to be in the Clique Girlz that's why she quit.

Anonymous said...

umm excusse me but she isnt trying to put ariel in the clique girlz again she is supporting the clique girlz AND ariel !!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

People want to see what shes up to... thats why! Ariel didnt have a choice but to leave. Why do CERTAIN people want her erased ?

Anonymous said...

you knowthe same person keeps putting mean stuff about ariel and if its destinee paris or sara then quit trying to do that ariel still exists people!

Anonymous said...

This site supports the CGZ AND ARIEL, Mrs M.

We love her & come on here to read about her. Why are you still trying to hurt her by saying things like that?

Ariel is an amazing singer, shes beutiful, and very VERY sweet

after that crack we can all understand why she doesnt want to be in the band anymore geeez >:( you got a lotta nerve lady


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