Friday, March 6, 2009

what do i think of Sara?

at 6:09 PM
a lot of people have been asking me, personally, what i think of Sara. and i know this is a Clique Girlz fansite, but it's also a blog. so i have the right to express my opinion on my blog.

so, i have nothing against Sara as a person. and from the video i posted yesterday, ( remember it's only one video and the quality isn't that great, so we shouldn't form our opinion off this video alone ) i think she fits in pretty good. she looked natural on stage with them and had pretty good stage presence. if you didn't know any better, i think it's safe to say you wouldn't know she is new.

sound wise, i think that her voice goes with Paris and Destinee's voices okay; it doesn't sound great. Ariel, Destinee, and Paris together in one group was a once in a lifetime chance. it's not everyday that you find three young girls that have such amazing, big, powerful voices; especially together in one town. so trying to find someone to fill that void, especially in such little time, is not going to be easy. i think for the time they had, they did an okay job. i don't know, maybe another girl who auditioned sounded better. we'll never know. Sara is the girl they picked.

i think the one problem i have with Sara is that they were looking for someone to fill in the third, empty spot in the band; NOT to replace Ariel. so why then are they trying to literally replace Ariel? i really hope they haven't started recording the album yet, because in my opinion, they have a lot of work to do. Sara's voice is in no way compatible to Ariel's. she shouldn't be singing Ariel's parts in their songs just because Ariel is no longer there to sing them. not if she cannot sing them properly. what i feel they need to do is to rearrange the vocals. either lower the notes so that she can reach them properly, or redistribute the vocals. if Paris or Destinee can reach notes that Ariel originally sang, then let them take that part. give Sara a different part, a part that suits her vocal range better. by letting her sing Ariel's parts, it's making her sound like a terrible singer when really the vocals just aren't suited for her.

as i said yesterday, i realize that Sara hasn't had much time to practice with Destinee and Paris, but at the same time she has been singing for quite some time now. so while her singing WITH the girls may be off and not exactly down pact yet, her singing in general should be somewhat up to speed. if it's not, i feel they should have picked someone with more experience. who knows, maybe Sara was the one with the most musical experience. if that's the case, then they made the right decision.

another thing ( less important than the singing ) that goes along with what i was saying about replacing Ariel is Sara's color and symbol. the purple heart was Ariel's signature symbol. from what the girls have said, we know that the symbols representing them as individuals; Paris the princess, Destinee the rocker, and Ariel the sweetheart. are we believe that Sara's personality is the same as Ariel's just because she's taking her spot in the band? the purple heart represented Ariel Moore, not Sara Diamond. i think Sara should have her own symbol and color, not just take Ariel's. NJRinglord on youtube posted a comment on my youtube channel the other day with a good idea, Sara should have a red diamond; red being her favorite color and the diamond obviously because of her last name. at least this way, she'll have her own identity, not a stolen one, and they'll still be honoring Ariel.

so that's my opinion. if you have something to say post a comment, but please respect my opinion and i will respect yours. and congratulations to anyone who actually read all of that, you officially have one heck of an attention span :]


Melanie on March 7, 2009 at 12:44 AM said...

Ok here's what I think on the matter:

I can't really judge ANYTHING from that video. They quality was terrible and the camera wasn't meant to handle anything that loud- and the person also had their finger muffling the microphone. All three of them at at least one point sounded a little sketchy but I am thinking this is from the sound.

I think the best reason for Sara's singing though is that she sings in a different style. She obviously learned a slightly different way and accents/pronounces words differently as well as used her vibrato differently. Destinee, Paris, and Ariel all sang together for a very long time and with the same person- therefore they were all learning to sing the same way. Factor in someone else who may have learned differently and they will sound a little different. Give it time and I'm sure they will find a "middle ground" on the sound.

As for Sara replacing Ariel vs just being a new member....yes and no. The group is changing slightly, the look between the hair and the clothes becoming a little different, and even some different choreography, and even different spin on songs. It all says to me that the band and label are taking a step forward and using the idea of a new member to show that it IS different now and not just the same with someone else, which would make the group look very disposable. I DO however agree on the heart/purple thing. I love the idea of her being a diamond, since it is after all her name, but I think the red would probably clash with the pink. It would probably have to be another very dramatic color, like a bright green or yellow I would say lol.

I'm interested in seeing where this all leads and I'm suspending judgment until I can hear it all in person. (:


ksoccernutt on March 7, 2009 at 5:13 PM said...

I totally agree with you, especially on the tryin to replace ariel thing. tHey should definitely get her a new symbol.
P.S. you should send this blog thing to the clique girlz they could learn from some valuable opinions.

Jewelea on March 8, 2009 at 12:15 AM said...

i totally agree with you on like everything!
she needs her own symbol and she can't reach all of the high notes!

Caylee on March 8, 2009 at 4:43 AM said...

Yes you are right
Sara not steal (as if)
Ariel brand and color

Sara (im not sara diamond- just have the same name) said...

Here is what i think:

I don't think that they are particularly trying to "replace" Ariel. The band does have Arials old clothes because they belonged to the band. Also, if they fit Sara then they are going to use the clothes. It just so happens that they are purple. I like the diamond idea. And melanie is right maybe a green would suit her. They definitly do need to work on singing together and maybe rearranging the vocals. I think Sara is a great singer. Although, she does sing a little lowere so maybe they can work on that. I think she fits well but lets see how things go.


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