Wednesday, June 10, 2009

new Bulletin; "Smile (RedOne remix)" added to myspace!

at 1:09 AM
Hey guys! Please check out our myspace player to hear our song "Smile". This song was remixed by our friend Red One the #1 Producer in the world right now. He did such an amazing job, and we love him so much! Thank you Red!

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We love you soooooooo much and really appreciate all the love and support, don't forget to comment on our Myspace page and our Youtube Channels. We love to hear from you!! =]

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Destinee & Paris


Anonymous said...

I don't think more "high energy" (frenetic?) necessarily equals "better". More distortion gives a fuller sound, but it also makes the sound muddier. I’m not in the industry; maybe this’ll sell better, but I don’t like it as much. Are the label’s producers that sure that in every case “hard rockin’” so completely trumps “charm”?

Ariel’s pretty much edited out, but I think I can still hear her final “isn’t gonna kill ya to (smile)”, with her deliberately altered vocal timbre which, inasmuch as I can hear it, still sounds great. Why not just pay her the royalties for her version of at least that phrase, so you can incorporate it completely audibly?

You say that “Red One (is) the #1 Producer in the world right now”. Maybe so, but since you’re addressing (I guess) mostly 9 to 16 year olds, and the vast majority of us adults aren’t in the industry, we don’t have any idea who he is, so could you please tell us (legal name, business affiliation, etc.)?

Anonymous said...

Why would they release "Smile" so late?? did they edit Ariel out or someting bcuz this remix(the one they released on myspace) and another remix(the same song just labled from 2008)sound like the same song when I listen to it. Someone plz explain this to me.

Anonymous said...

I think its the same remix because I still hear Ariel singing at the end

Anonymous said...

the first comment sounds like it is from an adult. why would an adult be on a kids fansite????

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

the first comment sounds like it is from an adult.

It doesn't just sound like it's from an adult. It SAYS it's from an adult.

why would an adult be on a kids fansite????

I wasn't aware that it's a kids' fansite. I thought it's simply a Clique Girlz fansite.

I really wasn't messing with you, you-know-who (I won't spell that out any more precisely because I know you don't like that). I really was just asking for the information. I understand there's been a lot of nasty comments, but I'm sorry that you often perceive innocent comments (from others as well as from me) as also being attacks.

In the future, I'll try to phrase whatever questions I may have in such a way so as to make my friendly intentions as clear as possible. Again, I am NOT messing with you. And I'm OK with it if you must respond angrily, under whatever name.


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