Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Recording In Sweden HQs!

at 5:31 PM
Destinee and Paris Monroe (Clique Girlz) have now traveled to Sweden to continue recording songs for their new album. They are having the so much fun and making new friends at the recording studios such as Little Boots and Kat Deluna, the new sensation in London.

Edit: once again, i'd just like to repeat myself in saying that this site does not post anything hacked, anything leaked, anything stolen, or anything else sketchy like that. i won't post anything that personally belongs to the girls without permission. what does this mean? no myspaces, no pictures hacked from myspace, no facebooks, no hacked facebook pictures, no status updates from facebook; nothing along those lines. i respect the girls' privacy and it saddens me that not everyone else feels this way.


Madi said...

Anonymous said...

I was afraid it might be over-produced or not as well written as their old stuff, but it actually sounds pretty damn good.

But what about all their old stuff with Ariel? Isn't it ever going to be released? Why not release their Japanese album worldwide? (BTW, you can get that at cdJapan - see

Nicole said...

You can buy the full album if you have a Zune (its like an iPod but its made by Microsoft, not Apple)

Anonymous said...

It bothers me that the sisters in person dont sound that great live. which means lots of changing and tuning in the studio which doesnt rlly make it there real voices at all y'all .it just makes it some voices that some guy creates on a cd which is fakey to me

& before anybody snots off to me YES I HAVE heard them live on stage 3 times & they went flat & sharp all over the place @ the concerts

Ariels voice was real and she was so good live...I wont get that cd without her singing on it sorry. I want to hear REAL voices

but good luck to them I hope it works out

Nicole said...

Yeah, I agree with the post above. I havent seen them live in person, but judging by the videos on youtube (especially the Today show),they dont sound good live at all...only Ariel.

Anonymous said...

NOBODY sounds as good live, period. Plus if you play somewhere where the sound system and acoustics don't let you hear yourself very well, its even worse.

I miss Ariel as much as anybody, but I don't think she sounded better live than D&P.

If the Today show performance is the one I'm thinking of (from quite a while back), I'm pretty sure that wasn't live.

CG would be better with Ariel, but I don't want to punish D&P for the actions of their outta-control mom.

Nicole said...

I think the Today show was live actually. And I was just stating my opinion. No need to argue with me ;) And yes, some people DO sound good live.

Anonymous said...

the today show was live and it did sound pretty bad.

Anonymous said...

When does D&P's new album come out anyway???


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