Wednesday, June 2, 2010

NMD Concrete Minds Picture!

at 4:56 PM

Plus Ariel, Louis, Alex, and Amanda picture!


Anonymous said...

Moore family (except the brother and mom)

Anonymous said...

gorgeous love them! cute pics!!! <3 LOVE YOU ARIEL BABY!!!

Anonymous said...

Ariels dad is sooo nice. I feel bad that he has parkinsons disease he must be young to have that. But Ariel doesnt like to talk about it much. So yeah her family is great I know them. Her mom Mandy is really amazing. She taught her to sing. Shes a cute small blonde person haha! She just got out of the hospital she was pretty sick from what I heard . I hope shes doing good now. Shes such a really sweet & kind woman and Ariel is just like her for real

Anonymous said...

Ariels mom is great. How can Ariel be so amazin w/out a great mom. She cant. Shes got one & I think its good they r so close too. I hope her mom is feelin better. WE LOVE YOU MAMMA MOORE!


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