Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Ariel's Sweet Sixteen Party!

at 11:02 PM

8:25pm - Red carpet.
8:30pm - Red carpet quiet now, most people are inside the club.
Guests so far include: Cody Linley, Anna Margret, Daniel Somonas, The School Gyrls, @kristennleanne, Band 1-eleven, Destiny Soleil, The Sonics, Master Fu and his crew.
8:50pm - Red carpet is active again!
9:40pm - Red carpet done!
Other guests include: Recording group Geek'd up; grinehouse; singer rashida jordan; actress tess marie; wizards of waverly place. Seth-A The Bell Rings, big time rush, howie&aj from backstreet boys, ryan ochoa-pair of kings, sammie hanratty-suite life,etc.

Credit for some pictures: JackieAugustus
Credit for some updates & pictures: misha_bsb

Calling it a night. Early appointment tomorrow. But continue to check the sidebar for more updates and I'll post everything here tomorrow (:


Anonymous said...

Looks really fun! I love Camille's dress alot! She looks so skinny in the 3rd picture :P
And of course i love Ariels too, hers really stands out which makes sense :P They're all soo pretty!

Anonymous said...

they all look really pretty but I am not sure why Ariel would wear the same exact style dress as Destinee did on her Sweet 16. Thats just not cool.

cliquegirlzmedia on July 28, 2010 at 12:42 AM said...

^ I am not sure why Ariel would wear the same exact style dress as Destinee did on her Sweet 16.

lol it's not the same...not at all.

Anonymous said...

it looks the same to me with that long part in the back and short in the front just a different color. its really pretty though.

Anonymous said...

Yeah it's not the same at all. The only thing thats the same is that they both had trains. Its not like its not common for dresses to have trains.

Anonymous said...

cody linley there????

write4evr on July 28, 2010 at 10:21 AM said...

Ariel's dress was made from a completely different designer than Destinee's

Anonymous said...

they look so great, the clothes are beautiful

Anonymous said...

Geeez getting back to the real point here. Ariel deserved that party and Im glad she had a good time. She looked amazing as always. Her dress was unique just like her (=

Anonymous said...

Well of course they will find something to snip at cause they think they can hurt her. Well. Ariel is bigger than that y'all just sayin. Go read her bulletins and feel ashamed! Her dress is as beautiful as she is and THAT IS SAYIN SOMETHING!


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