Monday, July 19, 2010

Unaffected ( clip ) Lyrics!

at 9:16 PM
Please credit Clique Girlz Media if you take these. I figured them out and typed them out on my own. Please be considerate. Thank you.

Unaffected by you

Even though I'm feeling incomplete (oh oh)
I'll be waiting
Anticipating til I'm finally over you
Oh, oh
Til I'm finally over you
I think I'm ready (hey yeah)
Yeah I'm ready to say

I'll think of you another day
Remember you when I'm okay
I'll take my heart back and run away
Cause I need to erase
Every little inch of us
So I could have a heart that's
Untouched and unaffected
Unaffected by you

Unaffected (unaffected)
Unaffected by you
Unaffected (unaffected)


Anonymous said...

is that kimi singing?

Anonymous said...

yes kimi camillie aliayh and ariel they all switch off i no kimi and camillie are first then aliyah ariel then switch


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