Sunday, October 3, 2010

Weekly Update: Alissa Mae & Camille Abordo!

at 3:12 PM

Week 3 of our weekly updates on former NMD members Camille Abordo and Alissa Mae.

Click the cut for the updates (:


Camille has been out of the spotlight for most of the week, but she has been relaxing and spending time with her family and friends. Her and Alissa even got together this past week for a dance session (:

Camille is also still planning on making a tumblr account when she reaches 1100 followers on twitter, so be sure to follow her @camilleabordo and tell your friends!

Alissa Mae:

As I stated previously, Alissa got together with Camille and Destinee Soleil this week for a dance class! Sounds some fun (:

She also has been posting A LOT of pictures lately. Here they are:

On a sadder note, Alissa has been facing a lot of hatred and negatively this week from some people. This saddens me to see. I really hope that everyone can get along and stop placing blame and hate on people for things that don't concern you. You don't know the story and you should stay out of it. Yes, these people are in the public eye and you look up to them, but you need to stay out of their personal lives. Certain things are none of your concern, this being one of them. You should be happy for Alissa because now she is happy. Just as you were happy for Ariel when she removed herself from a situation that made her unhappy. I would hope you'd have the same respect for everyone. So in response to the situation, Alissa posted the following messages:


Anonymous said...

I will never understand why people always go haywire on anybody who leaves a band. Alissa and Camille are happy now, and the girls still in NMD seem to have no hard feelings. I think it is selfish when people do this and it shows desperation. The hatred is only making things worse. :/

Anonymous said...

Its so weird that ppl r hating alissa coz she left nmd .. This situation is so different from clique girlz.. I remember when ariel left the clique girlz everyone was sad but happy and they starded hating d&p ?? People should seriously get a life and not always hate everything. Theres better things to do with ur life than hate.

cliquegirlzmedia on October 4, 2010 at 1:36 PM said...

^ Agreed 100%! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I really dont care about any of the haters. Im so excited to see what happens with NMD and cant wait to see the new girls. I wish everyone the best.

Anonymous said...

I wnat to know if the rumors are true about Destinee, Camille and Alissa working on a project together. I keep seeing these comments. It even included Jacque from School gyrls. They seem to all really close friends.

Anonymous said...

I saw her at Huntington beach! she was doing a major photo shoot and had a big crowd just watching her and signing autographs! I couldnt believe how nice she was to all her fans.

Anonymous said...

the rumer is they left NMD to to start their own group and now the jacke girl from school girls is now maybe joining their group that is what everyone is saying. i dont really care about that, no offence about those girls, i mean i hope they do well and all but i just really like NMD and i just cant wait any longer to see who has joined. i love thier choreographer dejan t he is amazing.

no more drama said...

this site for me is about Destinee, Paris and Ariel and i like Ariels group NMD and i like what Destinee and Paris are doing. Im not really interested in what these two are doing or the school girls but that is just how i feel. i will say most of the people i talk to feel the same way. its not that i dont like them but the only reason i was interested in them before was because of NMD so thats just how i feel.

cliquegirlzmedia on October 5, 2010 at 7:12 PM said...

the rumer is they left NMD to to start their own group and now the jacke girl from school girls is now maybe joining their group that is what everyone is saying.

I can tell you right now, that's not why they left NMD. Can't believe everything you read.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I think that you are right. That must be a rumer because I was told that Alissa and Destinee where let go from that group. So that does not make sense that they could both be back in it again.

Anonymous said...

Just because someone doesnt like her style doesnt mean they are haters. Its opinion. Shes not my favorite but I dont care if shes somebody elses. Thats ok w me. Is she tellin clique girls media this stuff? That ppl are hating on her? Well thats not good if its true & its also not good for ppl to make up rumors for attention either so there you go


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