Monday, December 6, 2010

Old School NMD Rehearsal Video!

at 6:49 PM
Here's an old video of the NMD girls, Alissa and Camille included, rehearsing a break dance.

Source: RandomBoiTV!

Thanks so much Natxhypy! for letting me know about this!


Anonymous said...

HAHA Ariel Moore in the hiznouse! love that part :) they dance good

MISS OLD NMD said...

*sigh*....I miss the old NMD girls.. =( oh well i cant stop being an NMD fan... miss Camille & Alissa so much! now they are starting all over.

Anonymous said...

I love the new NMD, i dont know this just seems weird to me now i know they left. they were not even together that long so for me i love the new girls. But still a hard core destinee paris and ariel fan.

Anonymous said...

I love the new girls a lot they fit purrfectly with Ariel this was a good video & ya know Ariel will pick good dancers y'all its like part of the whole triple threat thing they got goin. Love them right now just like they are

Anonymous said...

I can see why the labels want them man they are good wish I could move like that lol Ariel rocks it for real

Anonymous said...

Im a hard core ARIEL fan. Have been since they were like a young band. This new NMD band is good they rock. Love the newer girls they fit better


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