Sunday, December 19, 2010

Weekly Update: Alissa Mae & Camille Abordo!

at 9:29 PM

Week 11 in our weekly updates on former NMD members, Alissa Mae and Camille Abordo!

Click the cut for the updates (:

Camille Abordo:

Camille posted a very interesting blog on her tumblr this week, you may want to check it out:
I will no longer be a supporter of over processed, over autotuned, CRAPPY generic pop music. Most music on popular radio isn’t even MUSIC anymore. It’s Over-processed, Over-tuned, and Unoriginal. David Guetta pushes 3 consecutive notes on the piano, beefs up the sound a little, and everyone screams and looks at him like a musical GOD. WAKE UP PEOPLE. What happened to the days when music was actually MUSICAL? When Music was MORE than just 3 notes on the piano…and people valued creativity. My team and i are going to change pop music. Down to the smallest little details. I want people to be able to listen to my music and appreciate every aspect of it, knowing it took thought, creativity, and real talented musicians. Because i believe, if you have talent and work hard enough to create something beautiful and original, success will find YOU. The way its supposed to.

Camille also tweeted:


Alissa posted a bunch of pictures again this week:


Madi said...

I can see that they didn't enjoy it much \:

Anonymous said...

I heard Alissa will be announcing some huge projects in the next 4-5 months! I can't wait! I've seen them with my own eyes! No wonder why she left NMD. She was definitely not showing off her full potential. NMD kept her from what she can really do!

Anonymous said...

Alisa-mae is gorgeous. I read she went to Solvang to do some photography work with her dad for one of his customers. she is so talented. did you see that runway model commercial she did for some rock artist? i didnt know she modeled too. She can walk :)how long has alisa-mae been modeling?

Anonymous said...

I read alissa-mae is traveling to Bali, Europe, Australia, Hawaii and the Philippines next year. Do you know if it has to do with a project or for fun? I also heard she will also be singing on some radio station and performing at some charitable function? Can anyone tell us where all this is happening? She been really quiet since she left NMD and can't wait to see her again.


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