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Destinee and Paris- Swedish Interview!

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In connection with Destineer and Paris Monroe visited Sweden as opening act for Britney Spears met with Culture Blog up siblings at Globe Quality Hotel. We talked about their relationship to the Swedish music and what it's like to tour with one of his idols. Just before the interview, we caught glimpses of even Joe Jonas from the Jonas Brothers, so it was clearly a very star-studded group of musicians who had gathered in one building.

How long have you been doing music?

We've been doing music all our lives. It has been our passion ever since we were little and that is something we have always loved to do.

Who was it that attracted your interest in music?

Britney Spears was a great inspiration. The first concert we ever went to was a Britney Spears concert. We inmponerades second of the show, dancers and production, but above all by how theatrical it was.

Previously you played in a band, how was it?

Yes, three years ago we played in a band called the Clique Girls. It was a great trip but we have now moved on and is only Destineer & Paris.

Is Destineer & Paris your real name?

Yes it is. We are often asked about the artist name but Destineer and Paris Monroe is actually our birth names.

How does it feel to be the opening act for one of his sources of inspiration?

It's amazing, she's the queen of pop. We have seen up to her all our lives. If someone ten years ago had said that we would be opening for Britney Spears, we had thought he was crazy. To share a stage with enough iconic artist is wonderful.

Is it the first time you visit Sweden?

No, we were actually in Sweden two years ago and recorded by RedOne. The single Truelove we recorded with Steve Angello of Swedish House Mafia.

Can you describe your relationship to the Swedish music?

Abba has had a profound effect on us. They are exemplary when it comes to writing good harmonies without exaggerating them.

What have those who will see you tonight to look forward to?

There will be some surprises, including a medley of Gnarls Barkley's Crazy and Adele's Rolling In The Deep. It will be fun.

How long are you working with Britney?

We are committed throughout her European tour. It's so funny that Joe Jonas is also with us. Sometimes we play a trick on him so he must be careful all the time.

Do you have a home when you're not on tour?

We have a house in Los Angeles where we live when we're not on tour but lately we have been touring so much that the tour bus has become our home.

Is it difficult to adapt to life on tour?

Nowadays it is not very difficult for us to adapt to life on tour. When we toured for three years ago it was much harder but now we have become accustomed. Going on tour is the best thing about being an artist.

Do you have time to see the city you come to?

Well, yesterday we were able, for example, go shopping and go sightseeing. Stockholm is so different from Los Angeles. We love the shops and architecture.

Are you going to school or while music is a full time job?

We graduated from High School earlier this year, so now the music is our full time job. Music is our life.

How it usually go to when you write songs?

Normally we listen through the tracks as different producers send to us then we try to find a concept or an emotion that we feel are appropriate. Only then can we start writing lyrics and harmonies. Usually we write about personal experiences, but sometimes it happens that we enter someone else's shoes.

Do you have a song that you are particularly proud of?

Boyfriend, really, it has no title yet but we call it so until further notice. It is fun to drive and the audience always seems like it.

What are your future ambitions?

Being able to continue doing what we do. Then we have two main goals: to win a Grammy and be able to go on their own headline tour.

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