Friday, April 10, 2015

Paris Monroe - #FBF!

at 5:09 PM
#fbf when I was 8 years old working with Bunny Sigler in Philly at Philly International Records, sangin my little heart out - that day changed my life forever because Bunny loved and recognized my free spirit, he said I reminded him of MJ when he was my age. He nicknamed me "Little Michael" and said to me "Little Michael, you see that Shag carpet on the wall in the booth? Michael used to rub the shag carpet when he was cutting vocals, I want you to rub the wall and get some of that MJ Magic." Call it whatever you want it, but for me nothing was ever the same. I'll always remember that magical feeling, and I carry that with me everyday. I love looking back on this today 11 years later because I miss that careless worry free way of thinking before people and situations throughout my journey tried to dim my light and made me feel as if I needed to act or hold myself a certain way but at the end of day you have to be self aware, and happy with yourself & soul. Life is just too short to worry about answering to anyone!! Do YOU. Shine as bright as you want 💎 there's no rules



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