Sunday, April 26, 2015

Paris Monroe - "be careful with Dismissiveness & Underestimation"!

at 9:46 AM
💭Hmm.. something I've been thinking about lately is how you really gotta be careful with Dismissiveness & Underestimation. Everything isn't what meets the eye... you never know what's going on in the background and you never truly know someone's full potential until you decide to find out. Timing is funny too, tables turn all the time. :) Sometimes people choose to be quiet and not expose too much on purpose. Side note - Fun fact, I was poached by the government when I was 10 because I got the highest test score on my ASK in my state (NJ) they wanted me to come to DC but my mom wouldn't let me because they freaked her out. Lmao. She thought it was the illuminati. Thanks a lot mom, I could've been a Rocket Scientist 🚀 jk, nothing cooler than being a crazy artist. I don't even know why I'm posting all of this, I'm just in deep thought tonight⚡️🌚💫



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