Thursday, September 10, 2009

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September 10, 2009

Long time no talk :)


Long time no talk :)

We've been so busy! I hope you had a great summer, it flew by so fast!! We've let the blogging kind of slip away, so we're going to start up again... but let's rewind a little bit. Let's catch you up on the past couple of months! XD

So yes... We've been through a lot of changes this year. But change is good & we believe everything happens for a reason. Well, a couple of months ago that was difficult for us to believe, but now everything is coming together so well. We are so blessed & thankful to have such a great team who believes in us & such great fans that have supported us through everything we've been through.

As you probably know, we visited Beaches Turks & Caicos to shoot our new commercial for Beaches Resorts featuring "Perfect Day". We had such a good time there! That was in May :)

Then June came around!! Destinee's birthday :) we had so much fun with all of our friends celebrating Destinee's 15th birthday. We hung out at Altitude (the rooftop pool at the SLS hotel) Then we dined at Tres (the amazing restaurant at the SLS hotel) and to end the night we watched movies and had a sleepover. It was a blast!!

During the rest of June we did a lot of recording! We got to work with our favorite producer at our favorite studio which we were so blessed to be doing. We are so grateful for our team & everyone surrounding us, and of course you guys! Who have given us so much love and support. We are so excited for you to hear all of the new tracks :) There a little different then what you're used to hearing but, they truly to reflect off of our personalities & our life. We developed a sound that just defines who we are and what we stand for. We are just so excited!

.. ..

Now... hahaaa. July? July.... hmmmm... probably the best time of our lifes! lol. 1 day, we we're relaxing by the pool (the first time all summer) lol, and we recieved a phone call that we were going to ....London.... to record with our producer!! Omg, we were freaking out!! So of course we get right on our computers and start searching up cool places to visit, a place to stay, etc. About a week later we were flying over the pacific ocean ready to take over London! LOL. So we get there, it's amazing!!! We love London so much! The Fashion, the accents (hahaa), just everything about it!! All of a sudden... ?? another phone call. Now we're going to Amsterdam to record!! lol! Next thing you know we're hopping on a plane to Holland. We went straight to the studio, and it was BEAUTIFUL! It has to be our new favorite studio. The people were so sweet, and we had a blast recording our new songs.

.. ..

It was going so great in ....Amsterdam..... But then, lol... Our producer has to go to Ibiza.. with Lady Gaga!! Lol. So now we're being shipped off to Stockholm Sweden, because that's were our producer will be heading next! So we then land in Sweden, and again, it's just magnificent!! It's so clean and so perfect there. We had a couple of days off in Sweden... so we spent that time shopping!! LOL. We had so much fun! They have the coolest clothes in Sweden! Then, it was time to get back to work since our producer got back from Ibiza. So we headed over to the recording studio, and we had a blast! There were so many people there lol. Writers, Artists, Producers, etc. !!! It was crazy it was like the whole place was filled with creativity! We met Kat De Luna & Little Boots! And got to see our friend Kee. We recorded an amazing song that we know you're going to love :) we worked so hard and we have to admit it sounds pretty awesome. ....

.. ..

It was so hard to say goodbye to everyone! But we knew we had to get back to America.... so we could get everything rolling! We flew back to London, and then to New York. While we were on the east coast we got to see all of our relatives, and we got to go to our cousin's wedding!! Awwwww, it was so sweet! :) lol. Also, while we were in New York we had a ton of meetings, we went shopping, and went to all of our favorite restaurants! (since New York was like our 2nd home). We had so much fun, but we HAD to get back to LA so the team could hear the new tracks!

So now, we're back in LA! Working on a ton of top secret stuff!! Don't worry! You'll find out soon!! Just hang in there!! It's just as hard for us to keep everything a secret, it's just so exciting we just want to scream it out to the whole world!! LOL!!



Destinee & Paris

thanks so much to Bria Monroe for letting me know :)


Bria Monroe on September 10, 2009 at 10:18 PM said...

lol ur welcome!
I wish I couldve paste it so u didn't have to go on myspace and go through the trouble of finding it lol but I'm on my iPod touch lol it kinda made me feel bad =p

cliquegirlzmedia on September 11, 2009 at 1:12 AM said...

^ aw no it's no problem, i'm always on myspace anyway :)

Madi said...

Wow, they are real busy. Hopefully it's a new show. :) I can't wait for the news.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! I can't wait for the songs to be released!!! They better release their album in America this time (instead of Japan)and I'll be the first one to buy it :)

Anonymous said...

Ariels group NMD will be at Universal citywalk today for ariels little sisters party upstairs from jillians. somebody told me they are taking pics with the fans at like 4 or 5.


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