Sunday, November 29, 2009

National Anthem Video!

at 11:08 PM

Thanks to the people who told me about this and credit to MelPuff for the video!


Jessie said...

WOW! They are sooooo amazing! their voices are so mature for their age! Come on! They are only what... 15 and 13!?! What talent! And they got MAJOR applause! That's really rare especially for the eagles game cause you know how people like to boooo the anthem singers! ... GOOD JOB GIRLS!

Anonymous said...

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how many people were in the cg's and left?

Michelle said...

AMAZING! That is the best National Anthem I have ever heard. They are amazing singers and so beautiful.

Anonymous said...

It was better when Ariel was in the group. I have never been to a pro football game where they have booed anthem singers.


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