Thursday, November 26, 2009

"So Thankful" - Ariel Moore

at 5:48 PM
Ariel posted a new bulletin today for Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving friends :)

I have so much to be thankful for today. I'm sending my love and thanksgiving to all of you, my friends who have been there for me and supported means so much. I wish I could hug you all!

Special thanks to my parents...who are always there for me and allow me to live my dream. They've taught me that love is important, to be grateful for what you have, and that life is something special. They have made me strong, and I am thankful for that!!

Thank you, Howie Dorough of the Backstreet Boys. Thanks for believing in me, sharing your insight and talent, and for being there, ready to begin this exciting journey! Lots of love to you, your family, and the Backstreet Boys. You guys rock!

Thank you to my girls in NMD. I'm lucky to have each one of you. We are going to have so much fun! I am blessed by you!

Thanks to all of the industry people & teams that are working with us (there are too many to name!). It means so much that you guys believe in us. You guys are awesome! I never dreamed I would have so much love and support shown to me. From my heart to yours....a big thank you!

God bless you all, and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!



Anonymous said...

What about destinee and paris? the've been working with her for like five years and she don't say anything about them?

Anonymous said...

it's really funny who sara saw at the airport! the photo a little dark but i'm pretty sure of who it is!

Anonymous said...

Well ya had to know they would say that right off huh? LOL predictable! That was a nice bulletin u can really tell shes thanful u know? Ariel worked hard since she was like 5 yrs old even before she met them..I mean Im sure shes thanful etc. but considering what the girl went through...eeehhh well...anyways I liked her bulletin happy thanksgiving Ariel! Im thankful for u!

Anonymous said...

she prob is thankful but she doesnt mention them in her bulletins cause its over w them. its nice that she put out that note anyways. I mean people can only be expected to be SO nice even Ariel

Anonymous said...

Ariel is so sweet I love her

Anonymous said...

cool that she thanked Howie from the BSB's I love them! And Ariel too

Anonymous said...

That was really nice Areal (= Thanks for being so amazing. She doenst talk to destinee & paris it says so in that article they did. People have been saying that for months & people were all like

"No! they talk they are friends".
Well there it is sayin it out of their own mouths. After the stuff that happened to Ariel I dont think she has to say thanks to Lenor or the other girls. She has talent and worked real hard and got herself there...they didnt do it for her. But Im sure shes grateful anyways I mean you know Ariel lol

Anonymous said...

Ariel is one of the nicest people in the world and that was great!


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