Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Beaches Video!

at 4:08 PM

there is a new video of the girls on the Beaches website. just scroll down to the bottom and it's on the right side.

source: Clique Girlz Fan


Anonymous said...

i think you guys should change your template blue to match your really cool new banner

Anonymous said...

I think you people should let her run her site the way she wants and quite your bitching.

Madi said...

I love the it! Destinee and Paris are amazing actors. But I think Paris is more expirenenced. :)

Anonymous said...

This was so cute! hahaa I wanna go to beaches!!!!! hahaa who agrees?

Anonymous said...

OMG!!!! i just saw Destinee & Paris new video on twitter. it is amazing!!!!!!!! i love them so much!

Anonymous said...

Paris is a better actress ;)

Anonymous said...

comment: i think you guys should change your template blue to match your really cool new banner
response: I think you people should let her run her site the way she wants and quite your bitching.

comment 1: You treated me like crap for a short time and then you fired me for doing nothing wrong.
comment 2: it seems to me that mrs munroe fired people and now they hate her.
response: you just have to get the last vile word in don't you!

comment: careful paris. don't eat too much or you will get fat
response: stfu <-- for those readers that don't get it, this means "shut the fuck up"

...and so forth, on and on back into time, in a never-ending pattern.

Lenore / Kristen:

1. You're one and the same, notwithstanding all lies to the contrary. Deny it all you want.

2. Yeah, you're a real guru, sagely counseling others to make peace. NOT! You’re just trying to get people to stop talking about what you’ve done. It's like this:

When is a large enough building going to fall on you for you to at last see that you need to get professional help? True, you get attacked a lot (because of all you've done), but you see EVERYTHING as an attack, and respond with real venom!

Why people can't let this go is this: abusive people are most abusive to those CLOSEST to them. It's heartbreaking to think what lifelong emotional scars you may be inflicting on D&P. They seem to be the sweetest people alive, but they HAVE to be being harmed by this.

And thanks for destroying their friendship with Ariel. Nutjob.

Anonymous said...

OKAY PEOPLE STOP!!! Can we please just drop all this Lenore stuff NOW? IT would be so much easier to just focus on Dest and Par and how amazing they are - b/c this is a fansite for them not a talk about a retarded their mom is site- and forget about all of this drama. Bad things happen to everyone and we all make mistakes. MAybe Lenore is a little messed up,but we don't know for sure because if you did you'd be one of Dest and Par's best friends and if you were you wouldn't need to get on a fansite for them to find out what's happening with them. okay, The End but I'm just getting really sick of it.

Anonymous said...


Meredith said...

they are not deff actresses!
i thought the acting kinda sucked.
they should stick to singing.
but they are just learning so im hopeing theyll get better.

but i lovee loveee love there new style.
they just keep getting prettier!
and i love their new style music too.(:

i want to go there sooo bad!
they are soo lucky.

did anyone else think that the ppl made the video just like marykate and ashley's use to bee?! lol

Anonymous said...

CAn someone please send me the link to the video i can't find it anywhere! Thanks


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