Friday, October 23, 2009

Help Jessica Smile!

at 4:10 PM

Message from Ariel

I have something VERY important to share with you. It's important, it's personal, and I need your help. I have been blessed to recently become friends with a special young girl named Jessica. Jessica has the best smile! She has the kind of smile that makes YOU want to smile by just looking at her. Shes smart, pretty, and has a wonderful family. She's so huggable!

Jessica is fighting for her life. She's got cancer and she's only 8 years old.

Here's where YOU come in. I need your help. I've got the BEST FANS IN THE WORLD and I know you guys would do anything for me. I'm asking you to do something for Jessica.

I am putting up an album on my personal myspace for messages from you guys to Jessica.

Make her a card, graphic, or note and send it to me on myspace. I will put them in the album for her to look at. No messages please on my myspace just cards and pictures so that I can keep them in one place easier lol!

She's a very sick little girl and needs our love, prayers, and encouragment!

Join me. Take my hand and do this for her. Please take a few minutes out of your day today to help brighten a little girl's life. You'll be glad you did...and the good things that you do always, ALWAYS come back to you :)


Watch her youtube video on her channel HelpJessicaFigh​t:​


Message from Jessica on youtube:
"I just wanted to say thank you to Ariel, and EVERYONE who has talked to me this past week, It means the world to me that so many people care for me well being. I love Ariel for everything she has done for me and am very very very glad that she is helping me through my second year of cancer. I have stage 4 acute luekemia for all of you who have asked me or my mommy. Im blessed to have such nice people like you talking to me. Your all making me so strong to fight. Thank you so much. And god bless you all. "

Message from Jessica's mom:
"My little Jessica has Acute leukemia. Shes only 8 years old and the doctors says she has a little over a year. Im trying to get her a cd together of her favorite group the clique girls. Please help "



Anonymous said...

I cant stop crying. That is so awesome of Ariel .

Anonymous said...

I love you ariel. I will help Jessica smile. That is so sweet of you to think of her . I look up to you.

Anonymous said...

OMG Ariel I will....I love you!!!

Anonymous said...

I will to . She is so cute . I hope she gets better . I love ariel to .

Evelyn said...

she is soo cute i going to try to help you cant help everyone but u can start one at a time and hey sara and nmd and have been hanging out hey hung out yesterday and they are going to hang out at planet creez i believe today

evelyn said...

check o n twitter even lol

Anonymous said...

I will pray for her and I feel she will get better . Love ya ariel.

Anonymous said...

They should start a foundation for her to raise money for children with that illness. NMD is going to do that I heard ?

Anonymous said...

God bless you Jessica . I hope you are feeling good today .

Anonymous said...

Ariel is so awesome to do things like this...I mean honestly there are so many stuck up, self absorbed,teenage singers out there...shes refreshing I admire her a lot because shes real and she cares about other ppl..not just about getting famous or having her face on commercials and ads.

And good luck Jessica! With Ariel on your side that says a lot!!!

Anonymous said...

Ariel is amazing and she spreads her love through the world...thats amazing to me I love her

Anonymous said...

Ariel you are such an insperation Love ya girly. Please never change.
We all love you just the way you are.

Anonymous said...

Ariel is totally not a diva & cares about OTHER THINGS than which famous ppl shes takes pictures with and bla bla bla
she rocks and I think its great. That little girl is dying & Ariel acutally cares that says so much

so yeah...shes sets a good example that THE WORLDS NOT ALL ABOUT YOU AND YOUR CELEBRITY STUFF its about caring...and she does that wtg


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