Sunday, October 25, 2009

Icon Post!

at 9:49 PM
here are some icons i made. please do not post these on other sites, do not claim them as your own, please give credit to Clique Girlz Media if you use them. thank you.

02 Destinee & Paris
07 Destinee
07 Paris
03 N.M.D. hopefuls
06 Ariel Moore
05 Alex Moore

001 002 003
004 005 006
007 008 009
010 011 012
013 014 015
016 017 018
019 020 021
022 023 024
025 026 027
028 029 030

*credit to Alexandria & ArielAlexisMooreForLife for the last two pictures

edit; Once again, can we please stop bad-mouthing Mrs. Monroe? you have no idea how pathetic that makes you sound that you seriously blame every bad thing that happens, or every bad thing that gets said on her. She is their MOTHER, she is not the enemy. She has done so many things for those girls to get them where they are today. And non-careerwise, she has raised and protected her daughter to the best of her ability and i myself can say that she has done amazing job. Destinee and Paris would not be the sweet, talented, amazing girls that they are if it weren't for her. So can we please stop? Or there will be consequences.


Maureen said...

I was wondering
why did you do Alex?

Anonymous said...

WOW those are so cute of alex . I see why you did them . She is so cute . She is working on music as well?

Anonymous said...

OMG.. That is Ariels lil sis ?? She is TO CUTE .. More like beautiful ..

Anonymous said...

Attn all fans and Maureen !

Pardon me, but I have an IQ of 152.
I can't help but seeing things most don't.
It seems as though this site is not about the Clique Girlz, Destinee & Paris.
It seems as it is just a promotion tool using the Clique Girlz name to promote Ariel Moores Family and nonsense that has nothing to do with the Clique Girlz and their stories in the Entertainment industry. Let me see > so far I've noticed promotion for:

Ariels sister
Ariels brother
Ariels bothers baby
Ariels Grandmother
Ariels dog
Ariels father
Ariels mother
Ariels group
Ariels causes
Ariels living spaces
Ariels pointless twitters
Ariels friends
Ariels hair appointments
Ariels health
Ariels cousins
Ariels feelings
Ariels boyfriend
Ariels family businesses
Ariels friends businesses
Ariels anything!

I'm sorry guys, but I just can't sit here a look at DUH without saying something. The owner of this site so obviously is in Ariel Moores family pocket. They should just do the fair and balanced thing and call it "Ariel Moore Media Blogspot". They should also advertize: If you have nothing to do with the Clique Girlz, but want to advertize yourself as something connected to them, see us here at Clique Girlz Media. We'll report anything. It doesn't need to be relative to the Clique Girlz. We'll tie it to them some how.

Just another question. Who actually owns the Clique Girlz name?

I agree Maureen.
What does Alex, Ariels sister have to do with the Clique Girlz, other than the obvious promotion of herself using the Clique Girlz name.

Hey " Clique Girlz Media " I can spell Clique Girlz correctly. Can I advertise my 3rd cousins wifes exhusbands brother in-laws sisters new fish tank on here???

I must admit Clique Girlz Media, you cleverly put up the front that this site is about the Clique Girlz. Let's all applaude!!!!!

Everyone repeat after me. " I Love Being Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuupped!!!"


OH I forgot! NOOOOOOOO! This isn't Mrs. Monroe, but it will be easier to blame her. DUH!

Anonymous said...

obviously it is............everyone else is so happy hearing news about ariel and her family, the only people that would be apposed to that would be the cliwe girlz....get a life, stop caring about only yoursellllves

cliquegirlzmedia on October 26, 2009 at 1:18 AM said...

LOL. okay first of all this site is NOT about Destinee and Paris, it's about The Clique Girlz…meaning all members of the Clique Girlz; present, future, and past. Ariel was a Clique Girlz, therefore she is on this site. This site is not a promotion tool, it is a tool for Clique Girlz fans to get information as well as MEDIA, hence the MEDIA part of the title. i have never once reported on Ariel's hair appointments or half of those things you think you've seen "promoted" on here and further more, i have never promoted Ariel's brother, cousins, grandmother, etc. I have REPORTED on them, because guess what? fans want to know what is going on with Ariel and her life outside of her career. They take an interest in her life. As for the "fair and balanced" thing…i can only report on what happens. If something Ariel related happens more than Destinee&Paris related things, then i can only report about Ariel. When Destinee and Paris do something, then i can report on them.

and i'm not seeing how we're all being duped? care to explain? because 99% of the people that come on this site happen to love it and never complain about anything.

bottom line; if you're not happy with the way this site is run, i suggest you go somewhere else. but thanks for taking the time out of your highly educated, busy life to complain about insignificant things. it amused me for about two seconds.

cliquegirlzmedia on October 26, 2009 at 1:21 AM said...

and for anyone asking, i was in the icon-making mood so i was making icons of a bunch of different people and i happen to like those pictures of Alex so i made some icons of them. i thought maybe some clique girlz fans would like them as well, so i decided to post them along with the clique girlz ones. i'm sorry if some people were offended by that, but they'll get over it. i was in a giving mood, and thought that people who don't have the ability of making their own icons would appreciate them.

Anonymous said...

LOL at your life, Mr/Miss IQ of 152.

Anonymous said...

I cant believe the monroes put that much time into commenting on a blog. Are you kidding me ?? Really?? are you that bothered by it ?? She wishes them well and loves the girls still, and so does the fans BTW. Get over it :/

Anonymous said...

WOW , this is getting really petty and redic ... Its not our fault we want to hear about her family and what shes doing. Cliquegirlzmedia dont be fooled. Who would put that much time into a comment about Ariel and the Moores . We can see the public and fans love her . Who else would care ?? Thats right .. Them .. Ariels group NMD is about to be launched soon. What then ?? More comments about Why ?? You know why. Its what people want to know about . I love them all but I am starting to get really annoyed with the sisters management .

Anonymous said...

And Alexandria is incredibly cute . Love her ...

Anonymous said...

That is why they are mad. They have never wanted alexandria mentioned , ever, why ? Because she is so talented and adorable , thats why . I have always liked her and I am so glad you included her. You should more often . And , nooooooooo, I am not her family . Just a fan of ariel who found alex.

Anonymous said...

Just make a blog spot for ariel to and show everybody that we want to know whats going on with her .

Carolina said...



Carolina said...

So that means they couldn't have made that comment! Right? So it must be hater or something. Sorry! I saw the times and it just popped in my brain! :) Maybe we should all just be nice & no more nasty comments! I love all the girls!! YOU GUYS ROCK :)


Maureen said...

Oh OK i was just wondering

Anonymous said...

The new icons rock :) thanks for taking the time to make them for us they are super cute! You put a lot into this site and besides some people getting snotty on here I enjoy it mostly. I like how you made some of Alex too. And to the person who commented earlier being all snotty about Ariel & her family...whatever. Take your bad attitude somewhere else there was a poll done by this site Captain Obvious and most people want to know whats going on w Ariel too. Go ahead and attack Ariel if it makes u feel any better...for each person that attacks theres 1000 ppl like me who would step in front of a bus for that girl. So yeah....wish everybody the best of life and move on

Maureen said...

And to the girl who said she agrees with me,
I never said that i did not like Alex stuff on here.
And think all of the icons are cute.

Maureen said...

And i think all of the icons are cute.

Lone said...

I just have to say that your new header (?) is beautiful! did you make it yourself ?

Anonymous said...

Destinee's blog is down.

Maureen said...

I don't think Destinee is in to the whole fan thing

Anonymous said...

Okay, I don't know who runs this site, but I just wanted to say that you are doing a fabulous job! :) I, for one, love hearing about Ariel, Clique Girlz, AND N.M.D.! This is a great site! Don't limit what you report on--remember, guys, Ariel was once a Clique Girl. So it is still all related! Most of us want NO MORE DRAMA just like Ariel and Destinee and Paris. Both groups are extremely talented, and if you're not completely sure if something is true, here's a hint: DON'T PUT IT IN YOUR COMMENT! Spreading rumors is one way we all get caught up in drama.

Anonymous said...

check out this site! lots of cool pics of the girlz--my #1 source for desktop photos! :-)

Anonymous said...

just saw destinee & paris on beaches website. keeps buffering

#1CliqueGirlzSuperFan on October 26, 2009 at 4:53 PM said...

Check out
More new stuff on the home page--top 6 fave songs of the week!

cliquegirlzmedia on October 26, 2009 at 6:30 PM said...

thank you so much for all the support! i'm sorry that some people seem to ruin things for a lot of us, but i truly appreciate those people who act like decent fans. thanks so much.

and to the person that asked, yes i did make the new banner myself. thank you :)

Anonymous said...

I love all the pics. do you have one of sara too?

Anonymous said...

wow. i think that this site is really for adults who are fighting! LOL!

it seems to me that mrs munroe fired people and now they hate her.

poor girls. when they come of age, will they ever be gone!!!

good luck all of you!!

Fay said...

Ok, to anyone arguing about this whole thing, grow up and get a life. Do you realize how stupid it is to argue on the internet? And claim that you're intelligent? You may be book smart, but that's not all you need in life to succeed. You also need common sense. So why don't you get your ed-yoo-ma-kayted butt off of here so you don't have to deal with this "favoring" of Ariel?

As for the owner, I'm sorry you're going through this immature crap. I completely back you up 100% You're taking the time out of your life to make icons, post updates and downloads, with the risk of people stealing them and not appreciating them. You've done a wonderful job with this site, and I've seen plenty more good comments about it than bad. I hope to see your site grow as the years go by.

Anonymous said...

Hi Faye , I am fans of both Destinee , Paris , and Ariel and If you read from the beginning of this specific comment Icon post it was not a favoring of Ariel that started this mess . Quite the contrary . She just has allot of fans that when something unfair is said they do stick up for her. And yes , I completely agree this is not the place for that. Im just saying it seems to be fans and or adults from both sides causing the problems. I can safely say some people do take it to far and like I said it seems to be both sides. I mean this is a site for all the girls so about the 4th comment down , that is what started it all and sorry to say the way it was done sounds like its coming from the Sisters side of things. So who is favoring who ? I personally favor both .

Anonymous said...

you just have to get the last vile word in don't you! I am a cousin of D&P and let me tell you they love their family and real friends and have surrounded themselves with good people who really love them. They don't have to read this trash. it's like a common bathroom wall full of cowards who can't face the truth and live behind their lies, pointing fingers and spreading their poison and lies. I was on the tour with them and let me tell you I know the truth about everything only I choose to keep it to myself. I am a very private person and don't go around blaming people for their mistakes cause believe me I saw both sides first hand. why don't you just sit back and enjoy the music from all the girls and let them all find their way in life without having to prove anything to anyone. my aunt is a good mother and a hard worker. believe me she doesn't have time for this petty bull. she is way too busy helping her daughters live their dream. if you really care leave the personal stuff out of it an move on. life is too short. they are all like family and i am sure one day they will all work it out. please stop blaming everyone and get over it. they did, they are very happy and have moved on, you should too.

MAdi said...

There are awesome. Can you make more. (:

Anonymous said...

ppl need to realize its not about the sisters' mom here....especially that mom herself. Adults need to act like adults & not divas. Some not good things happened but are over. was it fair? prob not but oh well thats life

everybodies moving on everybodies tryin to be happy

if the controlling adults would keep their nasty mouths shut & let things happene naturally that would be the best thing. they dont need their neices or whatever gettin on here etc. ppls reputation & the way they act says it all. i hope everybody does good and good luck

Anonymous said...

they are all so pretty!

Anonymous said...

WOW alex is cute

jessicafromjessielxo12132youtube said...

hey just letting you no i am using one of your icons for my youtube account(: thought id let you no your amazing at making icons and keeping up with the girls(: i like how you keep up with ariel and sara and alex too(: i think its great:D

Anonymous said...

those are really pretty pics of alex,ariel,destinee,and paris yay the are all talented and i wish them luck!!!!! and how old is alex????

Anonymous said...

omg alex got so big!! how old is she now? she is so pretty!! is she still singing?

Anonymous said...

WOAH , Alex is so adorable . SOOOO pretty .

Anonymous said...

cute icons & ty! That person who said that about Ariel ticked me off big time of course we want to know everything about her & who are you to say what can be put on other peoples blogs! control freak much? Its a good blog w good info & as long as theres Ariel stuff on here I will be most other ppl on here thanks

pokepinky101 on November 19, 2009 at 6:52 PM said...

(@Anonymous of iq of 152) You r so wrong.This isn't all about Ariel.It;'s about ALL of the Clique Girlz members.(Destinee Monroe,Paris Monroe,Ariel Moore,and Sara Diamond.And it is mean to say "everyone repeat after me:I love being duuuuuuuuuuuuuuppppeddddddd".Well,not everyone is smart as you!


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