Sunday, October 4, 2009

"God Rest Mom Mom"

at 10:29 PM
Ariel posted a bulletin on Myspace about her Grandma...

God rest "Mom Mom" :( love you
Hey friends,

I wanted to say thanks to everybody for the messages and prayers after I lost my grandma (my dad's mom) last night. She was sick for a while and she fought hard. Her name was Margo and she taught me a lot.

She taught me how to paint, make jewelry, and sing "Thats Amore". She was always making something.​.​.​she was very smart and creative. I will miss her.

I love you Daddy. You are an amazing dad and I know you will make it through this. We are a strong family and we can miss her but still celebrate her life.

Again, thanks everybody.​.​.​don'​t feel that much like talking so I'm going to go and remember and celebrate my "Mom Mom's" life w my family.

Thanks for listening and most of all thanks for caring,

Love you all so much


PS> A last tribute to Mom Mom :(

When the moon hits your eye
Like a big-a pizza pie
That's amore
When the world seems to shine
Like you've had too much wine
That's amore

Bells'll ring
And you'll sing "Vita bella"
Hearts'll play
Like a gay tarantella

When the stars make you drool
Joost-a like pasta fazool
That's amore
When you dance down the street
With a cloud at your feet, you're in love
When you walk in a dream
But you know you're not dreamin', signore
'Scusami, but you see
Back in old Napoli, that's amore

(When the moon hits your eye)
(Like a big-a pizza pie, that's amore)

That's amore......

All my amore Mom mom forever!​!​!​!​!​!​!​!​!​!​!​!​!​!​!​!​!​!​!​!​

Also here's a picture of Ariel with her newphew Ayden:


Anonymous said...

That is so sweet. I love you Ariel <3 <3 <3

Anonymous said...

That is so sad.. What a cute Pic.

Anonymous said...

:( so sorry hun our prayers are w you and your fam. Love you keep your chin up you are amazing

Anonymous said...

awww. thats so sad. well we know shes in a better place. and you have a cute newphew.

Anonymous said...

So sorry ,, and what a cutie, ariel and her nephew.

Anonymous said...

hugs ARiel! I love you!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I love you too Ariel So sorry bout your gramma darlin u r in our prayers love!

Anonymous said...

dude :( love you and Im so sorry. But that is SO SWEET how you sang thats amore to sweet

Anonymous said...



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