Monday, December 8, 2008

BOP's CG tour diary!

at 10:20 PM
November 22nd, OH

Hey guys! We just left the hotel and we are going to be driving for 6 hours to Cincinnati. We are staying in Covington, KY which is right across the River to Cincinnati. We just stopped at Wendy’s. We are almost there!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow, we just got here. It is beautiful. What a cool skyline with a beautiful bridge going to Cincinnati. There is a cute little horse and buggy outside. We wish we had time to take a ride but we have to get to bed so we can be rested for our show tomorrow. There is a cheerleading competition here and there are kids running all around the hotel. I hope we get to meet some of them before we leave tomorrow. See you tomorrow!!!!!!!

Cleveland, OH
November 21, 2008

We left Canada and drove all night! Hey, wasn’t that a song???????????? We pulled into Cleveland in the morning and it was soooooo cool with all the snow on the ground! It was freezing running into the hotel in our pajamas. We went to Subway in our PJ’s too! We went back up to our rooms and got ready for the show. We got to sound check and it was soooo much fun. Simon, the Cheetah Girls Sound Engineer got on stage with us and they put the fans on. He has really long hair and we all stood on the front of the stage and started swinging our hair together. It was so funny. We have been making these little videos on our flip camera where we get everyone to say “And we’re the Clique Girlz”. Can’t wait for you to see it, it is so funny when the guys say it. Then everyone says, “I’m in the Clique”! So be watching our videos and we will upload them real soon!

The show was awesome! What great fans we have, we love you all, Thanks so much for being there for us, you are all the best fans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Clique Girlz

November 18th
Hartford, CT

We checked into our hotel late last night. It is freezing cold on the East Coast. We have a really busy day today. We are going to the radio station to KISS FM 95.7 do an interview and a performance. We love going to the radio stations. Destinee always gets another sticker for her guitar case.

We decided to stop to get our nails done on the way back to the hotel. It was cool. We got different colors on our tips. We were so tired we stopped to get a Starbucks. We don’t drink coffee but we still like to go and hang out there! We are going back to the hotel to take a little nap before the show tonight.

We had some friends from back home in New Jersey that moved to CT come to the show to see us tonight. They came back stage with winners from Tigerbeat and MySpace. It was fun taking pictures and signing posters for everyone.

We had to rush to start driving to Canada! We are so excited to cross the border! We get another stamp on our passport!



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