Monday, December 8, 2008

November 25th: Good Morning America NOW!

at 9:49 PM
Hey Guys,

We had to get up soooooooo early today. Our hotel room is sooooo cool. You press a button and the curtains open and we have a panoramic view of the entire city. We are on the 51st floor. It is sooooooo exciting. New York looks so beautiful from up here. We will take a picture for you!

Well, it’s off to Good Morning America!!!! We are doing the GMA Now. (Click HERE to watch the interview!) It is a special segment online after the real show…..we were bummed, we thought we were going to be on the main show with Kanye, we love him. But guess what, we bumped into him at the elevator. We were so nervous but he was sooooo nice. We wanted to take a picture but we were afraid to ask him. He said he loved our tennis shoes!!!! We laughed. We just got new sparkling Converse!

We got back in the limo and went to a business meeting at a huge advertising agency we are working with. We got to tell them all our idea!!! They really seemed interested in what we were saying. We had lunch with them, we felt like business women taking on the big city!!!!! It was so cool!!!!

Next, we jumped back in the limo and off to Music Choice!!! We got to watch the segment we did this summer with them on the Chelsea Pier. We were on with the Jonas Brothers because they were the artist of the month and we were the Fresh Crops. It was cool. They were not with us there, they did their segment at a mall.

We just shot the Incredible Girl Playlist segment which will be on Music Choice soon, so keep watching for us coming soon!!!!

We went out to dinner and then off to bed. We have to leave early on our tour bus to Pittsburg. Then, back to NY for the Parade!!! We can’t wait!

Bye bye


Clique Girlz



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