Tuesday, December 2, 2008

November 19th: Crossing The Border

at 10:23 AM
Hey Guys!

Wow! What a long night!!!! We slept on our tour bus and we drove to Canada. It was so cool crossing the boarder. The officials came in our bus with a flashlight and woke us up. Paris wouldn’t wake up. She finally had to get up because we all had to get out because they had to XRay the tour bus for bombs. It was this giant XRay machine. We were all in our PJ’s and had to wait in a little booth. It was freezing out. We all got back in and went to sleep. It is SNOWING out, we are so happy. We woke up in front of the hotel and rushed into hair and make up. We are off to non-stop meetings for all the buyers who will put our CDs in all the stores in Canada! We left there and went to Universal Music Group and did a showcase for every department! We are so excited to have them behind us to help us get our music out to all our fans! It was a long day but we had so much fun. It is SNOWING again!!!


Clique Girlz



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