Thursday, December 4, 2008

new interview!

at 9:29 PM
Club BSG: Aboslutely. What do you listen to when you're not working on your own music?

Paris: People always ask us what kind of music we listen to, and we finally figured it out…

Paris, Destinee, Ariel: GOOD MUSIC! [laugh]

Paris: We don’t focus on one thing. We listen to Paramore, but it’s not just that. We like Beyonce and Sarah Brightman and the Rolling Stones. There’s so much inspiration.

Club BSG: Do you write any of your songs?

Paris: Actually, it’s all of us. Sometimes, Destinee will start writing music, Ariel will come up with lyrics, and then I’ll come up with a good melody. Or, I’ll come up with cool music, Destinee will write the lyrics, and Ariel will join in—we all have a part that brings it together, and it’s pretty cool how that works.
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