Sunday, May 3, 2009

Know That You Are Loved - Ariel

at 10:08 PM
Ariel posted a bulletin the other day i thought was really sweet, so for anyone who didn't see it this is what she said

Hi friends,

I just wanted to send out a bulletin to say hello and touch on a few things.

You know what? Life is hard sometimes...true friends ...REALLY true friends make everything so much better. Whether its a mail or comment...or just someone asking about you and wondering if you are ok or if you are having a good day...thats the good stuff. A smile from someone...a hug....a concerned phone call...its all about showing love, people.

Well I live for the good stuff. It doesnt matter who you are, where you are from, what your background in life is...if you are a superstar celebrity or just a normal girl from Iowa who struggles in school and is called names...and wonders if life is worth living sometimes..we are all the same.

I have talked to so many of you...listened to your problems...felt your pain like it was my own...laughed and cried with you. We have bad hair days, we are made fun of, we hurt when people disrespect us, we are lifted up when someone takes a minute to show us a bit of love.

I wanted to take this moment...whoever you are who is reading this myspace yourself...believe in your instincts and go be happy today. Know that you are loved. Go in peace

and thats all I have to say


Also in case anyone didn't see the comment Ariel left me a few days ago in regards to that video she posted up on youtube and then had to delete here's what she said.

Hey guys its Ariel, I want to thank you for all of your support. You do a fantastic job running these site.I know how hard it is because i try to keep up with everyone who contacts me through all of our sites. I'm leaving this comment on this site to apologize for what's about to happen I just got a message from YOU KNOW WHO'S Attorney's stating that I need to take down the new video that i posted (The compilation of my fans video's . The ones that have of me performing with the Clique Girlz))The say that that they own the rights to them and that and I must take them down.I am not sure why after 5 years long/ hard-working years with them that they would make me do this ?????? I guess I just don't have the rights now.
Well gotta go my friends! Again, I'm very sorry for this happening and I hope that they don't make the rest of you take down any of your video's that have me in them too.

Well gotta go!!!!! I love you all!!!!



Anonymous said...

Oh my god. The Girlz made Ariel take that vid down, wow. That's just...not right. Now, you don't see them going to anyone else doing that, do you? Talk about a grudge :/

Anonymous said...

That really isnt fair.

Anonymous said...

Dude...thats just WRONG! I mean the ppl who did the vids (the fans) dont they own them? I mean if she wants to use something w permission that somebody else who isnt any part of the Clique Girlz SHE SHOULD HAVE THAT FREAKING RIGHT! thats so lame

Ariel dont worry about it we all know how hard u worked in that band and everything and it just shows that they are sour apples! dont worry about it girl but that is sad and unfair to you

Anonymous said...

Kelly Clarkson-their life sucks w/out you lol! thats wrong though you worked for it & you should be able to use it

Anonymous said...

agreed...they took her off everything they prob just need to leave her be & move on if they can-love you Ariel


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