Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Sara Diamond update!

at 10:51 PM

As we all know, Sara Diamond has left the Clique Girlz. For legal reasons, she cannot say why. good news for Sara fans though, she was able to get her youtube back and she also has a twitter so you can keep up-to-date on what she's doing!

Official Youtube
Official Twitter


Jenn on May 6, 2009 at 12:05 AM said...

I'm gonna miss her : /

Anonymous said...

Of course she cant say why..thats how they get away with it every time..they use legal gag orders like they did with Ariel so that people cant say why and give the details..cowards!

Well good luck to you Sarah!You are talented & sweet dont let this bad experience w/the Clique Girlz sisters get you down...it will catch up with them eventually

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Ariel and Sara can't say why, either because they're afraid that exposing the seemy underbelly of some in the music business might scare off other labels in the future, or because they signed an agreement not to say anything in exchange for money, which they'll sorely need while trying to get another recording contract (which hopefully they'll each eventually get).

I think there's a consensus at this point that Lenore (the Monroe sisters' mother and manager) drove Ariel and Sara away. I don't know that the girls themselves misbehaved. Does anybody really know? If anybody has heard anything along those lines, please share it with us. It would certainly help us make sense of what's happening.

Anonymous said...

Yes it is because of the CG's mother. Paris and Destiny are talented (and Ariel is a very sweet and talented girl). I was at the CG audition (and DANG Sara can sing!) I met their mother. She is a raging lunatic. It would not surprise me if the record deal is dead, I doubt they'll tolerate this nonsense.

Anonymous said...

They are dealing with minors..that is why they cant say.


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