Saturday, May 9, 2009

Preview of Ariel's new song!

at 1:40 AM
here's a short preview of Ariel's new song "Flip The Frequency"

thanks so much flipthemusic

also, there's a person on youtube who's channel name is youtubisevil and they're starting rumors about Ariel and saying things that are completely untrue. so please be careful and don't believe what they are saying. Ariel has made a few comments about his person clearing things up, including this one:

Hey Guys,

LOL,,, Just so everyone knows I LOVE JAPAN and the PEOPLE.. I have been twice and it is one of my apsalute Fav places to go. My Fav food is Sushi,, LOL.. Who ever that person is causing problems for me and others . Be careful, they might just pick you to harass . Love you guys... : )


and there are still a few others to watch out for too:

Hey Guys , Its Ariel,

I feel I need to warn everyone.. There is this person who is a major Poser. I think its a He , I could be wrong. Anyway they have quite a few you tube accounts. NickIsAManOf God, Youtubisdad, and yutubeisevil. Im sure there are more. This person gets a kick out of saying really mean things about people including me and loves to start rummers and drama. Someone said It was Dest and Par , then my friend Caitlin, so this person odviously just likes to be mean and start trouble. Someone who helps me run my site sent him a message the other night saying that is was wrong and its a form of harassment and that they are going to get their accounts pulled if they dont stop. SO ,,, he posted it calling it Hate mail, LOL.. Anyway ,, just wanted to warn you that some people on you tube love to cause trouble. Thanks for listening and be careful . : )




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